Thursday, September 24, 2009

Irwindale Speedway..

So not last Saturday but the one before Gabe and I and the kids went with my dad and mom and brother and his GF to the races at the Irwindale Speedway. My dad usually gets a bunch of free tickets and for months been inviting Gabe and I to go and we finally took him up on the offer and I am glad we did. We had such a great time!
I was pretty concerned about taking Ava but she loved watching the cars race by. I will however next time bring some ear muffs for her..I didn't realize how loud NASCAR's are.

Inside they have a ton of food places and stuff to see. Parker brought a couple hot wheels with him and so conveniently too cause there was this little trailer thing parked inside that was the hot wheel test track. Basically kids can race their hot wheels My brother caught the cars for Parker as he raced them.
After the races a ton of kids we here racing their cars....good thing Parker had it to himself a bit before the show
The cars all lined up well they introduce the drivers
We saw a TON of was insane..I have to say a lot of time I was on the edge of my seat..especially with the crazy figure 8 racers..oh and watching this little kid race and go flipping through the air was kinda crazy too..Luckily she was ok.
My brother acting a fool...Ava was in Awe at the cars.
They were SO LOUD
The end of the night they had a demolition derbi..that was really fun to what a pile of crap cars. Anyway..I am looking froward to go again soon.

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