Thursday, May 27, 2010

So long...Off to Paradise

Well I am off on vacation going to our 2nd annual family camping trip to San Onofre CA.
We are going to have a lovely 4 day getaway surfing and exploring the great outdoors.

See you all Monday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Allister's 101 Dalmation Party

Saturday we helped celebrate Allister's 3rd birthday!!
The party was a fun 101 Dalmatians came equipped with face painting and fun Dalmatian hats the kids could make.

I always always have to take pictures of the bday cake whenever we attend a party.
This sandwich was the biggest sandwich I have ever seen..and boy was it tasty!

The birthday girl and mama
The kids all had fun playing in the back.
Parker kid in town..
Ava was having fun chasing the ball that was being kicked back and forth
She finally found her own ball to play with..I think it was almost as big as her
Time to gather up and play some games
Singing Happy Birthday..Ava's Doritos's face cracks me up here
Ally had so much fun blowing out her candles she did it twice!!
Time for presents!!
She got lots of wonderful items! We just love bday parties.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy times

So as you may have noticed I have not blogged in about a week! It has been a tremendous busy month for me.
Last week our CEO for the company came in for a Press Event we had at our facility here in Costa Mesa. First I been setting up and cleaning the whole business up , then Tuesday was the marketing event so we had tons of demo rides, seminars, giveaways, and catering and wine which was the fun part. Then it was business meetings for the rest of the week and another special marketing event to prep for for this past weekend.
Besides work being so crazy I been finally sorting out things at home and actually started packing for our move this past weekend.
I also finally just yesterday got my computer at home set up so soon I will be posting up a blog with photos of what I did over the weekend.

I am not out of the woods yet though for being busy. I had a conference call this morning that lasted forever and another meeting at 1pm!!... OH and this weekend is the annual family camping trip so now I am preparing for that then once back home it is back to the move.

Whew...I feel tired just typing this!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Basement

Saturday Night we all went to the Long Beach Sound Society club in Long Beach that is held at the Basement Lounge. This is my friend Jesse's club and we were all there celebrating his wife Hilary's birthday. What a blast we had.
5 of us on Scooters all headed out
I was riding passenger on my husbands bike.
This place was so swank on the inside complete with Dim lighting, Plush couches, a well stocked bar and even a Korean taco stand on the inside! Jesse had a nice lay out of snacks on the table for all of us celebrating Hilliary's birthday.
Cool Target cake and cupcakes!
Towards the end of the night there were quite a bit of grazers at this table.
Holly and My hubby
Self portrait
Chris was cool hanging at the bar
We all took the sofa area over. Man were those some comfy couches!
Burns acting a fool
Not much for a outdoor area to lounge in
Unless lounging on stairwells tickles your fancy
The stateside saints played...they were really good. We were dancing to almost all their songs
This blog is not complete with out a picture of the Birthday Girl!
I will surely be coming to this club again!

Time to Celebrate

This past few weeks at work have been pretty busy and stressful but On Thursday I got a very pleasant tid bit of information....I got a Raise!! I tell you it could have not come at a better time too.
I am really on a tight budget saving up for the move But I did have to allow myself to meet up with the gals on Friday for a couple drinks ...(Happy Hour prices)
Us gals met up at Tantalum. There is just nothing more relaxing then to end the long work week at a nice bar over looking the canals and watching the sun set.
Thelma joined Toni and I
Watermelon Margs..yummy!
After a few cocktails I had to complete the happy hour with some tasty sliders!
It was a perfect start to a fun filled weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

Last night I attended my blocks first Neighborhood Watch meeting. I guess I have not been the only one concerned about the recent suspicious activities going on in the neighborhood. On Monday we received the flyer for the first meeting which was being held two doors down from us ( coincidentally at the neighbors house that lives directly next door from the new troublemaker neighbors)
Toni went with me over to the neighbors house for the meeting and to my surprise a lot of neighbors showed up and not only was it all the homeowners that attended this meeting but a lot of the apartment dwellers were there as well.
We got to meet our patrolling officer who watches over our street and got to hear every one's concerns for the neighborhood.

We were provided with a telephone number that we can report tenants for bad behaviors and the police will have a report up on that location and will notify the landlords.
We did get a lot of helpful information on staying safe which I will definitely use. We also got to see reports of the crimes in on area and they did let us know that we can keep up on the crimes by going to They also let us know if we go on vacation there is a number provided where we can make arrangements for a car to patrol our street and look over our houses free of charge. Some will even get out of the car to check your premises.

I am really glad I went to this meeting. We have one more then we get our neighborhood watch stickers for our windows and the officer even said once we complete our 2nd meeting we would be able to have block parties Free of Charge. It is pretty cool stuff!

This is something that should have been arranged a Long time ago!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A party on my mind

I have got to say there is nothing I love more then Hosting a party! It could be a Big party or a small get together with the gal pals!

I been dying to organize some sort of party for the summer. Now that I will have a backyard I cannot wait to have a few friends over for cocktails and food underneath the stars.

There is this FANTASTIC blog that I read Call Hostess with the Mostess. There is always wonderful helpful tidbits and every time I read it just makes me want to throw a party even more.
A few parties that I have in mind to have in the near future is a small cocktail party in the backyard once we are all settled in. We have a cool old vintage bar table and stool which right now is in our kitchen but we want to set it up in the patio area for entertaining guests. We will probably hang some swank decorations buy it. Maybe I will bust out the craps table and have a Vegas Rat Pack theme party....I would like to have something small for Ava too. Just with like the cousins and family over.
I would have really enjoyed having some sort of 4Th of July get together but I will be in Prime moving time at that point so we may just have to have a few fireworks for the kiddos and that's about it.
Speaking of hosting a get together..... What I really need to do is have a Girls Night together has been awhile since I had the gals over for Cocktails,music , snacks and a little dirty talk ..I think this is something I may need to plan for even the nearer future..Like maybe Friday or next week.
Hmm Let's see if I can make this happen!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Computer Crash

So it's been awhile since my computer at home has crashed. I received a bad virus that crashed my hard drive and last week or should I say the week before Gabe took it in to be repaired. Well I think finally I will have it back today. I just hope they saved all my pictures I had on it as we requested. I had a ton of photos of Ava's first few months and I would be devastated if they could not save them but they ensured us that they could. I guess I will see.....

Anyways it cost me 200.00 to have it fixed. Does that seem extreme? I mean I was quoted slightly more by other places but they said I would have it back the next day..I mean sheesh it has been 2 weeks already!!

I was getting the hang of not having a computer at home. It was kind of nice having good quality time to read and catch up on some netflix movies I been sitting on for awhile. I now feel the need to have my computer back for many reasons...

1. As I am getting ready to pack I have got loads of items to put on craigslist,ebay and recyclers.

2. I am a game addict on facebook and I am sick of bailing my petville character out of the pound, cleaning spoiled food from my cafe and getting my butt kicked on sorority life..not to mention needing to harvest my crops every Monday on my breaks.

3. I realllly need to check my email daily cause I keep missing out on important emails that cannot be checked for two days.

Well I thought I could be one of those people who didn't really need to depend so much on all this electronic technology. I always felt I could do without..but I guess not!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Party In the Submarine

This Past Saturday we ventured out to Menifee to Brian and Brandee's sons Jack's first birthday. My GPS took us through the scenic route so we had quite a long journey out there.

The Theme was The Beatles Yellow Submarine. it was so fun. The dress code...Bright Colors!
Ava made a B Line to the balloons
she blended right in them
This cake was so was actually all cupcakes!
There were tons of pictures of Jack throughout his first year. The place was decorated cool with number ones floating from the ceiling along with brightly colored fish.
There was a lot of kids of all ages. Ava was really into playing with the backyard toys.
They played a game where the kids had to try and hit Brian in the face with wet sponges...he forgot to realize that some of the boys were baseball players. He did lots of flinching after that first plow to the face.
The music was all Beatles of course and there was Yellow Submarine posters hanging all over.
When we got to the party all the kids were given either a blow up groovy guitar or a blow up sax. Parker was collecting them all and putting them all over his body.
The coloring section was a great idea. Ian had fun coloring. * He is Holly's little nephew. *
He was born 2 weeks after Ava.
Time for CAKE! Jack was looking a little tired until that cake came out.
He needed a little help on learning what to do with the cake. He sure livened up when he had that first taste.
Holly wearing her nephews glasses.
Ava and Ian were quick friends. he was sharing goldfish crackers with her, and he found a pink balloon and gave it to her and was trying to hug her. However when he tried to hug her she bit him. I have GOT to get her out of this biting thing.
Time for presents!!! We bought jack a cute little kiddie pool that looks like a blow up crab and the hose screws into it's mouth and sprays water and it is covered and some pool toys. I figure it must get pretty hot in Menifee.
He was overly tired at this point so a break was needed for a little before opening more presents.
Great pictures of Jack...I love the Green apple touch
After jack's break he was in good spirits again
This is what you play at a Yellow Submarine party!
Ava in the sub
The Hubby's Brian, Gabe and Jesse
The weather was Great!
The Wives... Myself, Brandee and Hilary
We had a lot of fun ..Happy Birthday Jack-O!!