Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday James

On Sunday we went to celebrate James's 9th Birthday at John's Incredible Pizza in Buena Park. It's like Gamesworks or Dave and Busters. The kids had a blast!! It was awesome cause everything was All you can eat plus you got a game card with 25 credits. This place had all different sorts of Pizzas like Spicy Peanut, Mac and cheese, BBQ Chicken, Pesto and much much more. If Pizza is not your thing they had a salad bar and a pasta bar, soup and dessert. Inside the place were TONS of games. Amusement park rides, bowling, bumper cars and much more.

We all met up in the Party waiting area then were whisked away to one of the private party rooms. While we were being escorted to our room there was tons of different themed rooms where you can have your party. Ava was wide eyed at the brightly colored party room full of balloons.
The kids got to play games. Parker won the game of musical chairs.
The Birthday Boy with the Pizza Bear dude
Ava was anxious so we took her to look at some of the games.
Then back to the room to sing Happy Birthday.
The kids were now free to roam the game and ride area. We took Ava on her first coin op ride. I don't think she was too in to it at first but then she warmed up to it.
We then took her to the gated toddler area ..she had a BLAST in there. Especially now that she can walk! Looks like I need to make a trip to Ikea and get her one of these bead things
Then on the little plastic playset. She had FUN going down the slide.
Then she got the hang of climbing up it on her own and playing inside and going on the slide
YEAH!!! She liked banging on the window for us to see her.
Once we took her out Gabe and I were talking and then noticed her just SMILING like this and we were like what is she looking at????!?!!?!? Then we discovered what it was. It was this big Spongebob game with a big screen with spongebob talking on it..we are convinced that she believes it to be the real spongebob.
Here is a close up of that big smile.
Parker won a Bunch of tickets and cashed them in for lots of prizes.

It was a fun time...we will have to go back soon!

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