Thursday, September 24, 2009

Temecula Wine Tasting..

So this Past Saturday Gabe and went with John and Kirsten to our first wine tasting trip in Temecula. We just made a day trip out of it and it was perfect.
We been talking about going for a long time now and finally we did it.

We started off at Calloway doing some wine tasting. Gabe and I bought a awesome Late Harvest Cab that was to die for.
It was surprisingly not to hot like I thought it would was actually quite comfortable.
At Calloway we did the wine tour. It was pretty cool checking out the wine process behind the scenes. John and Gabe in the Barrel room.
After Calloway we went over to Hart. I think my favorite wine there was the Zin. It was a fruit bomb. we didn't buy any from there though.
After Hart we went to Weins and there we tried quite a bit of wines actually. The most intriguing was the white port. John and I both thought the after taste was like biting into a Hershey bar with almonds.
After Weins we went to the Smokehouse at Ponte and had a terrific lunch but not without tasting some wines well waiting for our table to be ready. We sat out in the patio and they had this mice mist machine on so it felt really refreshing. After lunch it was on the Keyways for some tastings and then to La Cereza where we purchased A Peach Champagne that was so delightful. After La Cereza it was off to Marie Carrie to try the Pineapple Champagne....I really was not too impressed with the pineapples champagne but we bought a couple other bottles of wine that were outstanding. Gabe bought me a beautiful necklace too out at one of the little tents they had out front. It was time to go home after Marie Carrie.

I can't wait to go back sometime and check out some new places!!


John and Kirsten said...

Lets go in early December and pick our date - November is Paso!

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Ill go, girls weekend!!!!!