Thursday, September 24, 2009

To much fun and games..

So I have not blogged pretty much this whole month but it's time to get caught up.
I have not been up to much but I have been hanging out a lot with my neighbors and usually we all just watch movies, or listen to music and sip on wine or beer or play video games. I been spending too much of my time playing all these damn games on facebook. I am so addicted that I have put my blog on the back burner..time to get back to blogging!!

Pretty much every Friday night I have been heading over to Sean's place with the rest of the troop and we been playing Beatles Rockband. Sean bought it the very first day it was released and it's been non stop playing since then. We completed the whole game now already.

anyway here are some shots of us playing it the first day of the release..what a blast it is..

The graphics are so amazing!!
Sean had to bust out his Sargent Peppers coat...
I think now that we got the game completed....our Friday nights won't be as consistent. I can't wait til an expansion pack comes out!!


Ally said...

Haha...I don't even remember you having a camera that night...seems I remember saying this another time?? You're sneaky with that thing!

Ally said...

Hahha... I just noticed I have a cigarette moustache!

Iris said...

Yeah I was laughing so hard when I looked at the almost seems like I meant to do that