Friday, January 30, 2009


WOO HOO! Today is Bonus day and now we are going out to celebrate.
So I will blog now since I won't be around later. Gabe is coming here to pick me up from work and Chris is gonna meet Holly and I think a few other co workers are gonna join us for Martinis and Fondue at THE Melting Pot.
The have this LOVE martini that I want to try!
Malibu Rum, Peach Schnapps, cranberry juice with sliced fresh strawberries!
We are gonna go for the Happy hour special. $32 dollars you get a cheese fondue, two salads and 2 martinis. We are gonna order additional Chocolate fondue as well.
I wish I had my camera with me so I can take photos but I didn't think to bring it...oh well!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can't wait for some Scrapbooking

It's in a couple of weeks..What I been waiting for!!!!!!!!

I am already getting my photos in order. Got to get some shutterfly orders in.
I been organizing my scrapbook supplies and writing out what my layouts are gonna be for the photos so I know exactly what to get.
Anytime I take a photo I try and visualize what the scrapbook page will look like and what I can do. A lot of the time I buy just stuff I see that I like and than later take pictures that would go with the Stuff I bought.

Anyway I can't wait to go to the Expo....I just wish I had more friends that were into scrapbooking! Here are some items I want to get.

I would like to get a sizzix or maybe a crikit but my friend/aunt already has them and we scrap together. I need this special station though (at my old work building we threw out all our desks and I wish I had the room to bring it home cause it would have been perfect for scrapbooking and storage.)

I LOVE this paper for Ava's scrapbook

I want this set of rubber stamps...This is not one stamp it is a set of all these individual stamps

I HAVE to have this kitty page

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tens Years Earlier

One of my friends posted this picture of me at Mods Mayday 1999.

It really blows me away that this was 10 years ago!

It was one of the best times ever. I really enjoyed my early 20's. I was pretty much single, on my own, could do whatever I want, be as wild as I want (and believe me I did some wild things) and had all the time in the world.

Behind me is Sean whom was the guy I was seeing at the time. We are still good friends and work together.

Back than my hair was much shorter, my waist size was much smaller and my energy ..let's just say I was young and spry.

I still hang out in the scene but it has changed drastically over the years. I've seen faces come and go in the scene but there are the very few that remain strong.

I've seen them move. I've seen them go to a new scene (mainly Rockabilly). I've seen them get married, and I have seen them have children but most never to be seen again.

I enjoy my life now but do from time to time feel envious for my youth. Sometimes I think of what I would have become if I had taken different paths.

Young and MOD...Oh how I miss it..(the young part that is :P) I will always be a MOD..It's just not the main focus of my world anymore. Back than it was my LIFE

Monday, January 26, 2009

Some extra Cash..Wish List

Ok so as I mentioned earlier I am getting my bonus this Friday and from my meeting I am getting 100% of my potential bonus and they are giving me an extra 20%. So Most of it I am gonna save but here is my biggest temptation. THE LAPTOP CLUTCH!!

See demo below!

My other temptaion is the upcoming Scrapbook Expo in a couple weeks. I have to spend a couple hundred there too.

Playtime with Ava

Ava got a new toy over the weekend. She also got a new wardrobe. Seriously I buy this girl WAY to many clothes. She got 12 outfits and 3 pairs of shoes and some new accessories. I love having a girl to dress up! Parker on the other hand just wants video games. I got him stuff though too...He has a pretty nice wardrobe too. Ugh..I get my bonus on Friday..I promise to only spend a few hundred on clothes ;P

drool baby

During the assembly of her new gym

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Rat Pack'n Birthday

Last night was Jen's 30th birthday and what a absolute blast it was! They rented the banquet room at the Quality Inn and Suites not to far from Knott's to throw her Rat Pack Vegas theme Party. When we went in we had to sign in and than they gave Gabe and I each $500.00 Bucks to start some gambling(not real money of course) First thing we did was hit up the craps table than to mingle

Me and the Birthday Girl

After we got our fake cash, gambled a little bit and greeted the birthday girl is was time to hit up the food
They had tons of sandwiches and veggies and dips and chicken and potato salad

Than it was over to the FREE Martini bar (it was a open bar)
I had a few Lemon Drop Martinis..they were SO GOOD

Than we checked out the cool Punch Fountain.

Than they had cigarette girls come in to pass out cigarettes and mints to all the guests. (candy Cigarette's) The announced that some of the cigarette packs were marked WIN and you get a gift. I got a winner! I won an electric Texas Hold Em game
Here's the cigarette gals (all Jen's little 16 year old cousins LOL)

Than it was time to have fun with the Chocolate fountain. Earlier that day we went to my Mom's Thrift store and there was a big chocolate fountain for sale at her store. I am almost tempted to go back and buy it and loan it out for parties.

They birthday Gal again and her dirty Martini's

Gabe and Jen's Husband Roland whom is Gabes Best Friend from High School and their son Liam whom is 2.

Every hour they were doing raffles cause in the invitation everyone was sent a card from a deck with their name on it. Gabe's was the Ace of Spades and I was a 2 of spades. Anyways Gabe ended winning one of the raffles. He won some Chocolate Cocktails. Basically a box full of liquor filled chocolates.

The blow up dice were just a good photo op...7 BABY!

Patty and Dennis..12 craps!
Jen and Roland...7 another winner

It was also Tina's birthday (Jen's Mom)
There were dj's playing Vegas tunes all night long and they had the rat pack movie Ocean's Eleven projected on the wall above everyone
Gabe singing some standards
Me and Dolores at the craps table..Now we were back on the tables
I love craps ..they had hired a professional gaming team to bring tables and had poker,a couple blackjack tables,roulette,and craps. They guy running the craps table was pretty funny.
The tables were packed all night I guess that's easy to do when you have a party with 150 guests!
Gabe and I ended up leaving around 10:30 to relieve the sitter whom was my dad and he stayed the night anyway. All in all this was a swingin party.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Save the Hand Made Childrens Items

SO I am totally freaking out about this new law on childrens clothing and toys law that will be taking place on February 10th.

As you all know I am a HUGE fan of buying stuff for Ava on ETSY as well as buying stuff on ebay for her and special boutiques and NOW it may be against to law for people to sell childrens handmade stuff without it being tested first and a lot of these people that make hand crated items can't afford the testing.

I really hope this does not happen..I love shopping for stuff on Ebay and Etsy!
My mom was also telling me it may effect the thrift stores too. They may not be permitted to re sell childrens items any longer as well!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Toys and Toys and More toys...

So today I joined Baby Plays. It is basically a netflix for children's toys. There are several different plans and I got the Gold plan.
I have learned from my first child and wasted tons of money on toys I bought for him as a child that he played with for maybe an hour and than never played with it again.
This program lets you go through a catalog of toys and you pick which ones you want to have delivered to your home. (all toys are tested for lead and sanitized). You give it to your baby to play with and when they loose interest you can send it back (they pre pay your shipping costs) and you can choose another toy for them to ship to your door. Like I said it is like NETFIX. You don't get charged late fees for keeping it longer and if your baby LOVES it you can purchase it from the company at wholesale!
I can't wait to get my toys!
Here are just a few of the many toys to choose from. It goes from Birth to 5 years!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Red Hat ....Pale Face

I didn't blog yesterday cause I had to take Parker to the doctors cause he had a 102.4 fever when I came home and ate nothing for 2 days. Today he is feeling much better.

Yesterday Gabe came home and brought me some items he got from Macy's for the free make-up deal thing going on there( LAWSUIT SITUATION I GUESS) and he also had a bag from The Limited where he had purchased me two hats. They are the same. One is red and the other is brown.
So I was a bit bored this evening (waiting for Gabe to get home so I can watch Madmen that Sean Lent me) and said let me just be silly and see what personalities I can get with THE RED HAT. Oh and my make up is WAY to light. I was a bit shiny and put on some powder for a quick fix and totally did not blend it in.






Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Here comes another Birthday

So I am to realize that Parker's Birthday is just around the corner. Pretty much every year we throw him a birthday party and to tell you the truth I don't think I am in to it this year.

So instead of a birthday party we are going to take him to Disneyland!
I been tempted to get our annual passes considering my next pay check will have my bonus on it..however I really don't want to spend my bonus money. It is usually a big bonus though.. so I can always put the rest aside. I was also thinking maybe getting a hotel room for 2 days at the Disneyland hotel but DAMN it is SO expensive!!!
Anyway, I was thinking it would be great to see if I can round up maybe some of his cousins to go. I just registered him for the get in free on your bday thingy but I don't think it works. It says it will send me an email but I never received it.
It will be great though to take him..he's been wanting to go.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My day off and it's a sick one!

So I was looking forward to my day off but 5am Parker woke up coughing and throwing up.

He NEVER gets sick so I know he must be feeling really bad. All weekend he has been playing with the kid upstairs who seemed to be sick with a cough but low and behold it must have been just the beginning period of his sickness as well.

They were playing video games all weekend and usually Parker has been around sick kids and does not catch it however last Friday he was stabbed in the hand by a kid in his after school program with a pencil and has a big open wound in his hand. I was thinking maybe the germs spread through the wound in his hand. I don't know seems like a stupid thought but hey it can be kinda logical too.
Anyways I am trying to keep him away from Ava cause I don't want her to get sick too.
I am cooking up some chicken soup and I have some fresh squeezed OJ for Parker. I will than follow that up with a dose of children's Motrin for his fever. My brother in law called me today too to see if Parker was still going to go over there cause his cousins were looking forward to him coming to their house.
I am bummed too cause I was suppose to meet a friend and her baby today for lunch.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Food Crazy

Ava is at the point where she is going to be eating soon. I have given her some single grain rice cereal a couple times and she is still rooting so I thought I would wait a little longer but she does open her mouth for the food. Anyways I can't wait for her to start eating for a few purposes. I really want to get this baby food maker so I can create some organic food for her.

This machine does it all steams,blends,defrosts and warms baby food. It has a heavy price tag but I think in the long run the money you will save on buying baby food it is well worth it. I may have to purchase this in the next coming month.

Another HUGE reason for wanting her to start eating so I can take her here to Pomme Bebe in Newport Beach. This place makes made to order organic baby food. They cook it on site there and you can plop baby in the Bloom Fresco space age styled baby high chairs to sample the baby foods.
Which is great cause there is nothing great about buying baby food that your baby does not like.

There is also another great organic baby food that you can buy at Whole foods and other retailers but what is great and I will have to organize this with some of my other mom friends is baby food tasting. Homemade baby offers baby food tastings. You can organize a small group and they will have baby food parties. How fun is that!

Anyway there is this other place and I can't remember the name of it but I think it is in redondo beach but it is another trendy hip little cafe that has the cool highchairs that offers a menu for your toddlers and a menu for the parents as well. I will have to do some research and try and find it.