Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's time for a make-over

For Parker's room that is. Since we been working hard cleaning up the place here and there (I mean deep cleaning) we were thinking of a bunch of toys of Parkers to throw out that he has no interest in and also since I got rid of a bunch of the old clothes we thought hmmm time for a make over.
I asked Parker what he wants to do with his room and he was mainly concerned about re organizing the furniture but I think we are going to do a little more than that. Anyway I was browsing some pretty cool things on Etsy that I can add as embellishments to his room once we figure out what his theme is going to be.

Right now he kinda has a space thing going on. Gabe has a bunch of old star wars vehicles hanging from the ceiling as well as ww2 bomber planes and other flying vehicles. He has a planet multi color lamp that hangs from the ceiling and a big Crescent moon light on his Navy painted well. I was thinking maybe just getting him so new furniture (cooler furniture) Maybe some mid century egg chairs, some sort of lounge area created for under his loft bed..I saw these cool wall decals to add...

This would be awesome if we stuck with Star Wars

Here are some Space Invaders to embellish his space theme

I can't wait til we move and I can decorate Ava's room..I would love for her room to look like a garden..I love this tree it is so relaxing

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today I left work early for a dentist appointment.
I had to have 2 fillings and extraction and a bone graft. Needless to say it was not a very pleasant trip.

It was a 2 hour procedure..It was sickening too because when I got up my little bib they put on me was covered in was a massacre!! The assistant was even wiping blood off my face for me..Anyway All i got was a measly prescription for Motrin which (DOES NOT WORK)
Anyway I am in total pain right now..the even worst news is I have to go back for more work in two weeks and have my stitches removed next week...

This is a picture of the big steel syringe they used to give me my 6 (YES 6!!) shots of Novocaine.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mods Mayday

I remember going to Mods Mayday in 1999 at Fais Do do and what a blast it was. Bands and Dj's all night, tons of booze and tons of dancing. It has been awhile since I went to another Mods Mayday and this weekend I am actually going to make this one...

Soulside Productions Presents Mods May Day Weekender 2009 - MAY 8TH- 9THTwo Nights of Non-Stop dancing of dj's playing the best of Mod, Soul & Reggae.
Friday - May 8th - Cock N' Bull - santa monica ca2947 lincoln blvd sm ca 9040521+ full bar - ladies 1/2 b4 10pm9pm - 2am $10Saturday May-9th - Faisdodo - Los Angeles Ca5257 adams blvd la ca 9001618+ full bar - ladies 1/2 off b410pm9pm- 2am $10The djs:Friday May 8 - @ The Cock & Bull, Santa MonicaSelecters - Greg Belson, Soul Marcosa, ted morrisAlex Ramirez , Mr. Soul Satisfaction, El Watusi

Saturday May 9 - @ Fais Do-Do, Los AngelesSelecters - Victoria, Mike Noriega, Mark Morales, Marv Mack, Jason

Gonna have to polish up my scooter for this event!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dean!

It was SUCH a busy Saturday. Besides the fact of waking up with a Horrible hang over I had to be in Santa Monica at 10am to help with some baby shower party planning with the gals. We met up at the Omelet Parlor which was AWESOME! I will be back and we had breakfast and talked baby shower. I than got back home and just chilled out awhile to help the hang over.
Gabe was out on the Long Beach scooter ride but my mother in law was at my house watching the kids so I just relaxed awhile in the bedroom.
Once Gabe got home it was time to head over to Dean's 40th Birthday surprise BBQ party.

Andrain showed up with one of her awesome theme cakes..Anyone who knows Dean knows he is Hawaiian so what not a better cake than an Hawaiian shirt cake. It was like 5 layers of the most moist sponge cake with fresh fruit filling.

Dean was the last to show up and he thought he was coming for Mondo's and Gina's Bon voyage party since they are leaving to England for vacation but he was a bit stunned when Mondo and Gina came out with the birthday cake and everyone yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAN with whistles and was funny when that was going on he was all looking around him like What's going on??

Him checking out the cake

Sluggo..Gabe said I should caption this photo

Jeff and Carla

The vacant yard over is also Mondo's sisters property so they had set up croquet and horseshoes for everyone to play

Arnold..master of surprise parties and Diablo Mike and Dave in the back

Gabe , Dave and BJ

Mike Burns was able to get one of the hula girl hurricane glasses..hey what makes him so special????

Than I had to have of course us gals ..we were talking about how we gotta get Loryn out for girls night!!

The Reno Room

So after work Friday since we had the sitter already at our house we thought we would go walk over to the Reno room for a drink with Chris,Holly and Toni. Gabe and I and Toni walked there and Chris and Holly met up with us shortly after.
I had 3 margaritas on the rocks and I got pretty smashed! Chris and Gabe went to play some pool.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back to school

Today was Parker's back to School night. Normally Gabe goes too but since he is working tonight just Ava and I went.

This is Parker sitting at his desk with all his little art projects on display for me to take home. He sits at the front of the class which I like.

He had a classroom tour list that he checked off for each thing he showed me.
This was our first stop..viewing the animals. They had a bull frog, some crickets, a goldfish, two love birds and a plastic container full of silk worms (blah) we went to look at the science projects they were working on

another stop was looking at their turtle shells and looking at the kids homemade books they had made and put in a bin so they can go read each others books. Parker's book was a Army Man book.

After viewing Parker's classroom it was off to visit the other things going on.
Here is Parker with his teacher Mrs. Key

Parker's after-school program (WRAP) were selling fruit smoothies outside on the playground..of course Parker being part of WRAP we had to buy some smoothies to show our support.

After the smoothies we went over to the library where we went to the book fair and bought 3 books for Parker to read to Ava. The library was a complete madhouse..time to go home.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Technical Staff

So a couple weeks ago during our press release Vespa 300 launch we had a photographer come in and take photos..We finally got them today...Will make a good xmas card this year

You can see the photo better when you click on it

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A talent Among us..

When I came home from work Gabe had the kids keyboard all set up with new batteries..I think Ava is going to be a keyboard player. One thing that was so cute that she was doing was bouncing up and down dancing while she played.
She had a blast with it the whole night...I need an advil now..sheesh

Parker had to show her the ropes

This video came out to dark ..If it was blown up you would be able to see her bobbing up and down...If you turn down my music player below though you can definitely hear her play!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wine Dinner

So one of my top fave restaurants is having one of their fab wine dinners next Thursday and this is one not to miss.

First off the restaurant is in this very swank 50's ranch house. The inside is very classy and the atmosphere is dim lighted with jazzy sounds playing. It gives off a really nice vibe.

The wine dinners are basically a 5 course dinner experience.

You start off typically with champagne and Hors D' Oeuvres

Than you go to course one that comes with a wine pairing than 2,3,4 and dessert.

They usually have a theme too. We been to a few. One Italian one, a French one and a Italian -American.

It is always a great time and usually at the end of the courses the chef comes out to greet everyone.

This is next Thursday's menu...I can't wait.

Thursday April 30th
6:45 p.m
etoile Restaurant. If you are going to wine country I
highly recommend etoile at Domaine Chandon. It truly is
one of the most beautiful restaurants in the country.
Having worked in Paris, Versailles and traveling Europe
it is reminiscent of the Châteaux’s in France in both
looks and class.
Hors d’oeuvres
Served in the park
Chandon Blanc de Noir

Pancetta, Mozzarella and Italian Parsley

Demi Tasse of Chilled Avocado Soup
Cilantro Crème Fraiche

Veggie Spring Rolls
Mango Chili Dip

First Course
Chandon Carneros Chardonnay 2006

Chilled Crab
Sage Ranch honey, tangerine and Garden Herbs

Second Course
Chandon Pinot Meunier 2006

Oregon Morels
With Creamy Polenta, Marsala Wine

Fourth Course
Chandon Pinot Noir 2006

Filet of Beef
Pinot Demi, Buttermilk Onion Rings and Asparagus

Chandon Rose

Chocolate Pave
Espresso Crème Anglaise

$60.00 per person food and wine.
Service and Tax additional

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Flori...

Today we went over to celebrate Gabe's Mothers birthday at Geezers in Norwalk. We were the first to arrive of our party of 20. Everyone else came straight from the church where Julian had his first Communion which we missed. We had a nice champagne brunch with the family.

We sat Ava for the first time in a restaurant High chair..she liked it.

Little close up of the princess

Grandpa came to give some love

Here is Julian dressed nicely after his communion
All grown up and Yvonne and her daughter Sophia

Here was the cake that Yvonne got for Gabe's Mom Flori..

Here she is getting help from Cadin opening her gift that Andy and Davina got her

Than little Savannah came over and Ava was having fun watching her open her gifts

This was suppose to be just Andy, Davina and the boys with Julian but Parker and Natalie had to join..

Singing Happy Birthday

She got a lot of help blowing out her candles from the grandkids

Hey what's going on over there????
We had a great time. I didn't eat much thanks to the slimquick pills . We had a nice time and it was nice and air conditioned inside...after I dropped Gabe and the kids home Toni and I went shopping and I bought like 5 dresses,some leggings,belt ,a couple scarves and a cool shirt...see never beat the heat in a department store..

And Tonight's Host...

Was Thelma!! We had planned for the Bi-monthly Girls night cocktails to be at Thelmas'place. It was the perfect opportunity for Toni and Ally to have the chance to see Thelma's awesome Japanese backyard.
Holly and I rode our scooters over there. Once we got there Ally had arrived and than Toni. We had to get a start on the Lychee martinis than we went over to the backyard table under the gazebo where Thelma had the table nicely set up with tables settings and chopsticks and she had out some awesome garlic bread,California rolls (SO GOOD), Water crackers with cream cheese and sliced strawberries and cheese and crackers, Toni made some Salas and chips and Ally brought over these really good spring pizza's that she made at my baby shower. It was a awesome spread of snacks..Oh and the brownie bottoms thelmas made were kick ass too but I could not finish mine..I think mainly cause the diet pills kill my appetite.

I was coming out with some Martini refills and thought what a great picture of the girls under the gazebo listening to music and chatting away

As I walked across the bridge I stopped to take a picture of the koi

So we all wanted to do our group photo so I was trying to set my timer on my camera which apparently this time around did not work to well . I showed this attempt to the girls and they were cracking up and said OH YOU GOTTA BLOG THAT PHOTO!

These shots were a little better

It's funny I had to set the camera on top of a mask hanging on the garage to get these photos

Ally brought Raleigh over too..I think he was very good

Once it got darker we all decided to walk over to the meditation hut and light some candles and play the sex and the city trivia game...We told Toni to do a Zen pose

It was a little too dark in there to play so we went back next to the bon fire and under the gazebo to play there

Toni by the fire us girls made...the guys thought we would have trouble lighting a fire..pfftt

After sex and the city game we started playing some other drinking games..Thelma was hammered that we didn't want to torture her by giving her more shots

Now I known Thelma since the Third grade so we been through a lot growing up from our youth,to teenage years to young adulthood to mature women(for the most part) and I ALWAYS know that Thelmas is wasted when she starts playing Air this time it was getting really late so Holly and I got on our scooters and drove back home (which is less than 5 minutes away on our bikes. Only a street light over.
It was a awesome night!