Tuesday, December 30, 2008

She's always makes me feel better

Today I stayed home sick. Last night I started having a really scratchy throat and felt like I had a stiff neck. I went to bed fairly early and when I woke up this morning I had no voice and could not swallow and body aches so bad and a massive headache. When I finally muster up some strength I looked at my throat and it was all yellow and red. It looked infected. My tonsils is where the infection look to be which has always have been a re occurring problem in my life. I probably was one of those children who should have had their tonsils removed but my parents didn't believe in taking me to the doctor it was more like go gargle some salt water and rest sort of thing.
Anyway I seriously Slept the whole day. I had 3 bowls of soup to eat all day and a couple of juice packets.

I am taking some amoxicillan that my doc was able to get me.
Gabe had a dentist appointment so I had to get up to watch the baby and Parker while he went to the doctors. I had Parker get the Bumbo and sat Ava on the bed in it next to me.
She was soo talkative and laughing and smiling that I instantly started to feel better watching her. I had to grab my camera of course and take some photos of her.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Making Reservations..RALLY TIME

So tomorrow I am gonna book our reservations for the Las Vegas Scooter Rally in March for the Tropicana!

Every one is booking rooms there so we might as well. I really look forward to this scooter rally every year. Gabe and I have been to the rally EVERY YEAR except for one and the reason for that was cause I was having a baby (literally having a baby born on Valentines day which was the first day of the rally that year). This March will be the 10Th ONE! 10 Years I been going to this rally.
The very first Vegas rally was the first time Gabe had ever been to Las Vegas.
Traditionally we would always book a room at The Stardust but now it is another classic gone to dust.

Anyways, I a still tempted to stay at the Hard Rock though...who's in with me for the hard rock??

A link to the coolest Rally! (Really it is just the coolest cause it is in Vegas)


The Stardust

A picture we took of the famous La Concha

I remember this picture well
It was about 11am and Gabe and I had just gotten finish having a big room service breakfast. We both were nice and full and had a tremendous Mimosa buzz. I put on my bathing suit and lounged pool side after just being in the 24 hour hot tub with the hot water fall. I was now laying out to dry as I had a smoke and Gabe said it was a great shot cause here I was poolside relaxed and having the Stardust sign in the background. He said it was classic.

The Tropicana

Vegas or bust!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Finally!

Today has been the marathon day.
My mom came over this morning and we went to the day spa and had all sorts of pampering done. Gabe bought her a day of pampering for Christmas and she never been to one before so I thought we would go together since my feet were in need for some massaging and other TLC.

After that she dropped me off and Gabe had cleaned the aquarium yesterday and killed all of Parker's goldfish so we had some errands to run. We got Parker a much needed hair cut and then took him to Game Stop to use his Xmas money to buy some games. We than went to the pet store to buy some fish and then over to Rite Aid to stock up on some batteries and other supplies than we went to Philly's best (awesome cheesesteak sandwiches) and than over to Holly's to borrow a movie. Anyways I just got home.

We put Ava in her Bumbo seat..which every time we put her in it she poops. I call it her toilet. Everyone laughs about it and says Well she will potty train pretty well than.
Anyways I took some shots of her in her bumbo seat playing with her favorite blankie I got her a couple weeks back. She always wants it and chews on it.

Before the blankie

Time to eat the blankie

Happy Baby!

How mesmerizing those pink and black skulls are

Drooling all over the blankie

So satisfied

What the blankie is gone..time to chew on my dress than

Parkers new haircut

Busy Weekend

The past few days have been pretty busy for me. Having 5 days off from work is really nice and I'm am looking forward to the next long weekend next week. We don't have any plans really for New Years Eve. I really don't like driving that night. Anyways our neighbors are having a party and then a walk over to the Beach to watch the firework show at the Queen Mary. We are thinking about doing that. I told Gabe he should work that night cause he will probably make good tips. I also mentioned about maybe doing a board game night here with snacks and drinks but my place is still a mess from Xmas. We haven't been home really to clean it.

Friday we went to downtown LA to the Garment district. I had never been there before but I told Gabe I am definitely going back after pay day! It was so crowded. We than went to dinner at the Olive garden whch most people think is crap but I LOVE Olive Garden. I crave their salads.

Yesterday we stayed home and kinda relaxed around the house and went to our friends after Christmas Tamale party. Let me tell you they had some awesome tamales. They had a veggie one with mild green peppers, cheese and olives. I could go for one now. We wwere going to meet up with Carl later and do movie night but he called and said he is starting to get the sniffles and said he was still cool to do movie night but I told Gabe better pass until he is feeling better. I don't want us to catch any sickness. We have all been lucky so far (knock on wood)

Anyways here some some random photos from over the weekend.

Ava playing with her Tiffany rattle. She loves the taste of it.

Downtown at the Alley in the Garment disctrict ( by the way stuff there is NOT cheap)

Cute face

Ava and Holly at the party Last night

Chris and Boxer and Julianna hanging by the tamale table

Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Christmas Pictures

Here are some Pictures that Ally took at Chrsitmas time. She got some better shots than I did!

Parker with gingerbread house frosting on his face

The Gingerbread House

The candies are suppose to be on the gingerbread house..yeah he didn't get that concept

Opening presents

Jessica and Logan

Me checking out my new tiffany earrings Gabe got me! I was surprised..I didn't even hint about getting Tiffany's. He has learned well!

Gabe checking out some shirts he got

Holly and Ava

Ava loves the camera she was posing

My brother and his family..he was excited about all the booze he got

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit has always been a favorite classic for me and when I was a youngin I had a velveteen rabbit and for Christmas I got Ava her Velveteen Rabbit and the book. So today I thought I would take some pictures of her because ..What a cute Scrapbook Page it would be..here are some of the pix.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Last night we went to Gabe's side of the family to spend Christmas Eve together. Unfortunately I forgot my camera to take pictures so Davina is gonna send me some copies. There was so many great photo ops to. The two older girl cousins were both sitting with Ava and feeding her like she was a doll. it was cute to see the other girls taking care of their baby girl cousin.
Today was a crazy day. We had a lot of people over this year for Christmas. I had 13 people here counting the kids. Parker made out like a bandit and got EVERYTHING he asked for. Ava got soo many cute outfits and toys. Gabe got me Tiffany's and Marc Jacobs perfume. I also got a fashion design book from my dad and a sewing box to go with the sewing machine he got me so I can start designing some clothes for Ava. I also got clothes, more perfume sets,a VINTAGE MICKEY MOUSE WATCH, some gift cards and cash and some modish jewelery, Gourmet Chocolates and a few other fun trinkets and what not.
Anyways, we had a HUGE feast of all sorts of food and bottomless wine bottles flowing. It was very festive.
anyway we let Ava open her tinker bell she loved so much that daddy got for her and BOY what a great start for her day.

Ally took a ton of pix that I am gonna have to steal of everyone opening their presents..my camera died so I only took a few shots.

Ava is our bed as we open her tinker bell
What can it be??

It's Tinkerbell!!


The cousins

Ava doing a curtsy

Parker decorating a gingerbread house

HAHAHA My brother eating

Parker's face after he realizes he got a nintendo DS

Ally and Ava