Friday, September 26, 2008

Roll Speak!

So I forgot to mention yesterday I had Ava do some tummy time and she rolled over!! I yelled out to Gabe that Ava rolled over and he came in the room and I put her on her tummy again and she did a roll over again for Daddy!
I was so impressed that she did it twice in a row. I have to watch out now though cause now she may roll over off the couch I always have her sitting in her boppy though to prevent that.

She is growing so quickly. I can't wait to see what she does next! I think babbling is coming up soon.

So much to do so little time..

Well tomorrow Holly and I are heading up to good ol Palm Springs. We have to be at the resort by 9am she told me last night. I guess we decided we are going to leave at 6:30am. I am so glad we only live 5 houses away and she now works with me!! I am really excited. I have sooo much to do today though.
First of all I gotta pack. I gotta pack for 4 days and 3 nights ( guess I won't be posting for awhile)
I gotta go shopping for Khaki Pants and shoes and I gotta buy some new Make Up at the Benefit counter, and I gotta get a pedicure and waxing and than flat iron my hair. Luckily I dyed it yesterday cause I don't know how I would have fit that in...I gotta do all these and keep in mind that I will have Ava to handle as well. I am gonna bleach my teeth tonight and pluck my eyebrows and exfoliate.
I thankfully did my laundry already.
By the time I am done with all this I will be in Palm Springs.

I am kinda bummed though cause we were suppose to go to Knott's Scary Farm with the "usual suspects" ( Josh, Vickie, Greg, Maria, Burns and Loryn) as we do every year but I completely forgot I had my business trip to attend so we will just have to wait til Oct 10th when we all go to Shipwrecked together before Mike Burns big Roast at the Queen Mary on Saturday ( that is going to be epic)

Well I suppose I should get dress now to run my errands while Ava is napping. Lord knows I can't do it when she is awake.

See you all on Wednesday! Holly and I will be heading back to Long Beach after the Piaggio Staff Dinner thing Tuesday night.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another day..

Well I am sitting here sweatin' like a hostage. It is so hot tonight.

Anyways The photographer came today to take pictures of Ava but that didn't work out too well. She was in a deep sleep when he showed up. We tried to wake her and she just got way to grumpy so the photograher didn't want to stress her out so he said he will go ahead and just come back another time. Anyway I took some quickie pictures with my camera of her while we were waiting. I just love this dress she is wearing. Anyway what is nice about him coming back later he said he would do a family photo on a Saturday of my choice so now I can get all of us prepared for it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Say Cheese!!

I scheduled a Photographer to come to my home tomorrow and do a photo shoot with Ava. I have a few ideas of things I want her to pose with. I think I am gonna do a set of her with her Tiffany & Co Rattle and Jeweled Tiara, and one in her Ballerina outfit and I think I am gonna do one with her and Parker in some Mod Outfits! I also think I may do something with her in her scooter bib and matching cloth diaper Holly got her.
Well today I may design a few headbands for her to wear. I so excited!! I like the fact too that I don't have to go anywhere. However I know this is gonna cost me. Yipes!! Good thing I am going back to work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A new Kind of Pain

I just had to say I just got done washing a mountain of laundry and come to realize
DAMN baby clothes laundry HURTS. I just took a bunch of Ava's onesies and Pj's out of the dryer and it took like forever because I kept burning myself on the hot snaps and zippers!!

I have a ton of folding to do but I think I am gonna wait a bit before I do that and let my hands recover.


Pix from Josh and Vickies on Friday

These are pictures of the BFF's. Than we have Gabe and Parker after Parker just got done playing uno with Loryne and than there is Josh with his other child on his lap while Greg plays a song into his beer bottle and than Little Colette checking out Ava.

All the Cute Clothes!!

One of the many things I have really enjoyed about having a little girl is all the cute clothes!!

Here are some random photos of Ava from one day old til now.

The C Section

Yeah this may be a little bold putting up these pictures but What the hell. I told Gabe "don't you dare take any pictures of my face or guts!!" These are some of the more non threatening photos.

I really wish I could have went vaginal with this pregnancy but my doctor thought this would be the best way to go. So far I have recovered pretty good however my incision site feels like a sun burn. On a good note it doesn't hurt when I cough or sneeze anymore.

Lemonade stand!

So I got my Camera cord so I thought I would post a couple blogs today with some pictures.

A couple weekends ago Parker was dying to make a lemonade stand. We talked about it and said yeah we will charge a quarter for each cup and Parker says " I want to make Dollars not quarters". It was funny the way he said it. Anyway Gabe went to get the supplies and made a big ol thing of lemonade and Kool Aid. The lemonade came out realllly good. So off Parker went after playing in the water with his buddy upstairs to do the lemonade stand. Parker made 18 dollars that day!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Scouting Out

Today I signed Parker up for the Boy Scouts. He starts next monday. I am so excited to get him his uniform and go on his weekend camping trips and what not. I am sure Gabe is going to also volunteer for his troop also.
There seems to be quite a few of Parker's friends in school that are also in the Boy Scouts as well.

I also got my camera cord in the mail soo be on the look out for fam pix!!
Woo Hoo!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Last Week ......

I just realized that this is my last week off and I go back to work on Saturday!! Well not really much of work I am going to be gone in Palm Springs for the annual dealer meeting and leaving Sat morning and won't be back til Tuesday!! I hope Gabe will be OK with watching Parker and Ava on his own.

I really can't wait for this dealer meeting! My job booked me a nice room at the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort in Indian Wells. I know I am gonna have some good times hanging poolside with the dealers that I only see once a year but talk to every day!

Even though it is work it is like a little private vacation. I had a blast at the one last year in Scottsdale.

I already have my Massage planned at the Spa. I am excited...kinda of a bummer that I have to wear the Piaggio dress code of a jersey shirt and drab! Even for cocktail hour and the dinner (however I may slip away and wear a cocktail dress)
I am excited!! Holly said alot of the dealers are calling asking about when I am coming back and she let them know that I was going to be at the Dealer Conferance..I know I have quite a few drinks being bought for me..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The meeting of the BFF's

Last night we went to Josh and Vickies for dinner and to show Ava to everyone.
The usualy suspects were there..Greg and Maria, Burns and Loryn, Giselle and Franklin. It was a very nice night by the fire and we all enjoyed Pizza,Pasta and wine.
It was so great finally getting Evie and Ava together considering all the pregnant times me and Vickie shared together and talking about how close the girls will be.

Parker had a great time too playing Uno with Loryn and liked the board game Josh gave him and playing Josh arcade shooting game.

It was kinda surreal last night. Usually when us group of friends get together it is Wild nights of boozing and staying up to 6am in a drunken haze. Now it was different. Giselle and Franklin have little Colette there, and Josh and Vickie with Evie and us with Parker and Ava.

I know there will be some nights to get away from the kids and paint the town Red when the Rally trips come around but last night was really a great time.

I am so happy too that my husband let me sleep in til 11am this morning..MUCH NEEDED REST!

I will post pictures of the meeting of the BFF's once my damn cord comes in!

Anyways..My hair smells like camp fire from last nights telling tales around the fire pit.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My new Weight loss Plan

After having Ava I lost 25lbs. I want to lose about another 30. (I can't believe I just said that).
When I was I was thin I hated being thin cause it was too thin. I always wanted some meat on my bones but I could never gain the weight no matter how much I ate.
Well After having kids there was my for sure way of gaining weight now I HATE having the extra weight. It is SO hard to lose it but I know if I just got off my junk food diet and arse and work out I could do it.
I was so depressed shopping the other day cause I found the most awesome pair of skinny black satin pants from Guess and they fit perfect cept for the waistline ARGH! Anyway I bought them and they are now my "GOAL" pants.
I figured out my new routine of loosing weight the fun way...DANCING!
When I used to go to the clubs and dance I was at my fittest and really more energized.
So today I started dancing hard in my living room non stop for an hour in High Heels. I think this is going to become a daily routine for me and I think Fridays I am gonna have to gather some gal friends and find a local hot spot in long beach to go dancing at...Any Takers??


Where does the time go? I can't believe that Ava is 4 weeks old today!!

So far she has just about outgrown her newborn diapers. I am squeezing her in them still but I put a size 1 on her today and it was a perfect fit.

She has already started to grasp her pacifier, turn on her side to almost a full turn around, start making new noises and lifts her head up.

She is very strong.

She has already been to 3 birthday parties and the Fair! I can't wait til I get my cord to my camera so I can post her pictures up.

Well Cheers to Ava's 4 week mark and the countdown to my last two weeks of maternity leave.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The youth nowadays

So we just arrived home from Back to School night for Parker. It is incredible the pace that kids are learning these days. On Monday Parker brought a book home about Squirrels and he had to read it and turn it in the next day. The book had words like incisors, and hibernate and just very informative detailed information all about squirrels that I don't think I even knew till I was in the 5th grade. He read them no problem. He even knew that a squirrels nest is called a Drey. WTH?? I had no idea. Anyway Back to school night brought back memories.
There was of course the visiting of the classroom and seeing his artworks posted on every wall, The outdoor bake sale of cookies and cupcakes and other delights. There was the good Ole Book fair in the library. Do you remember when you used to get those colorful book order papers to buy books and going to the book fairs in elementary. My family rarely could afford to buy me any of those books but boy how exciting it was when they would buy me them.
Parker than had to show us his tricks on the monkey bars and jungle gyms. He than wanted to make sure everyone got to meet Ava. It was funny going there and all the other Mothers saying "Oh you had the baby!!!". I thought to myself how funny it would have been if I went still looking pregnant and them thinking Damn she has been pregnant forever!! Is she ever gonna have that baby??
Anyways The youth nowadays and the advanced schooling makes you wonder the great things that will happen in the future.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where did all the Rum go??

So last night Gabe and I were gonna do our Margaritta Mondays at Acupulco since we had such a nice time last week. Well I was too lazy to get dressed , than dress the baby, than dress Parker and get everything ready so I was sitting on the couch and told Gabe why don't we order in tonight. I told him we can do our own margarritas at home and he suggested that we can order some of the deluxe nachos at the taco place on the corner. Well he was getting himself more comfortable I started looking through this vintage cocktail book and saw the Daiquiri recipe and said hmm Why don't we mix it up and make Daiquiri's tonight. So Gabe and Chris ventured out on their scooters to go buy the ingredients and than he made a Jerk Pork with Rice and veggies which came out really good and we had a daiquiri , than another, and another until the bottle was gone!
It has been quite a while since I had rum and after last night..I have to remember I am like a newbie at drinking again..I can't believe we finished the whole thing nice Ava woke up at 4am for a changing and feeding and than went right to bed so at least we had more sleep than usual.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Daily Ventures

So last night on the way home from dining at DiPillas I was thinking to myself (maybe it was the two glasses of Chianti) but I was thinking about those Dos Equixx commercials about the most interesting man in the world. I than realize that my husband always has a crazy story to tell that he has lived through. I mean some of the stuff he says you can't make up. So I told him yesterday that he should start a blog. Everyday he should post some crazy real life story he has lived and post it. I am gonna get him started on it tonight!!

Anyway..I am still trying to figure out this site..I deleted my past blogs by accident..argh!!!