Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Smile for Strawberry ShortCake

Tonight I made one of my favorite desserts..Strawberry short Cake. Parker and I sat in the bed watching AI and had one. I could not resist Ava was giving me the puppy dog eyes as I was eating and so I gave her a couple taste. Than me and Parker started singing a strawberry shortcake song to Ava that we made up and she had the BIGGEST smile I ever seen and Luckily I got a shot of it..Too Funny!

Anyway I think Strawberry Short Cake may be a Fave for her.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Bye Sweet Baby Clothes

I am so bummed out that this will probably be the last time Ava wears this dress. Yesterday I did massive amounts of laundry and had to retire A TON of Ava's old baby clothes and shoes she no longer fits into. I had to put this dress on Ava yesterday cause I knew it would be the last. It is one of my favorite dresses. This was only her 2nd time wearing it..well actually 3rd time. One was for Photos, one for Thanksgiving and than yesterday...wahhh my baby is growing up.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ava's new Toy

So yesterday Gabe spent most of the day at the doctors office cause the baby has been sick for two weeks now with coughing. We found out she had a throat infection which lead to an ear infection. So we got sent home with lots of antibiotics. Anyway afterwards since Parker was gone we went shopping for the kids Easter stuff. I came across this GREAT deal and finally broke down and bought Ava a saucer toy. I didn't get one earlier cause my living room has so many toys,swings,kick gyms and play mats ...where would I put it all. Anyway She loves it! We put her in it this morning after she woke up.

Parker goes to NASCAR

Yesterday My dad and brother came here to pick up Parker and surprise him with a trip out to the Irwindale speedway to see the Nascar Races and demolition derby. My dad took a lot of cool photos which of course are going to make Excellent Scrapbook pages.
Parker got to go to the pit and meet the drivers and see the cars close up. He got some autographs and a bunch of goodies. He had a blast.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Make -UP

So when I went to Sephora last weekend in Vegas I fell in LOVE with the Kat Von D make-up line. The colors are awesome! I bought the color palette below, and some sparkling white eyeliner and a shimmery Burgundy liquid eye liner as well. I need to go back and get me a a few of her lipsticks, some more eye shadows and some of her make-up brushes!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Another girl to the Group

I am just going to say that I am happy to find out that another baby girl will be added to the bunch. Congratulations Holly and Eric on your baby girl on the way!! Holly you are going to be Cleaning up with all the hand me downs we are gonna throw at ya. I will have to bring a box and you can choose what you want.
This weekend is going to be the start of my SPRING CLEANING. We have a yard sale coming up and my goal is to finally start getting rid of the junk that is being collected over the years. If I have not touched it in a year..Poof it is gone. I am sick of being a pack rat.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yep I been bitten by the Twilight bug. I am not much of a lover of Vampire stories cause well they are cliche. There are just so many vampire stories out there but I was intrigued plus the guy in the movie from the previews I saw was pretty hot. Anyway at the book store I thought why not let's see what the hype is all about. I have had the book for 3 days and I could not put it down. I finished it...Now I gotta watch the movie and of course go pick up the rest of the Saga..
Really can I go back to high school and fall in love with a hot Vampire..can I, can I??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Vegas Trip

Well I got home from Vegas early Monday afternoon but I got very ill and been in bed the past two days recovery from a horrendous cold/flu I developed Sunday.
Anyway I did not take too many photos cause I just did not want to walk around Vegas with a Camera that after a few drinks could easily be lost. The weekend was nice. We did a LOT of dining this trip. We did not do as much scooter things as we had planned but all in all it was a nice trip. I did begin missing the baby after the first two days. We were checking in on her all weekend. She was sick all weekend as well.
After checking in to the Paris Thursday night Vickie and I went to get a bloody Mary at the bar down in the casino..the drinks were rather pricey there..We decided to walk over to Bill's gambling hall to check out the Big Elvis show but it was cancelled all weekend due to March Madness So we had a few cheap drinks than walked over to the Tropicana to catch up with the rally meet and greet

Not all was lost on the walk over to the Tropicana we did get a shot with Elvis

We met up with everyone at the Tropicana..

It was actually pretty mellow that day after catching up with everyone we went over to the Hard Rock for dinner..we had the un advertised Gamblers special..Steak and shrimp and all you can eat Prime Rib

We went to our room to relax..we were on the 20th floor at the Paris with an amazing view of the bellagio water show..this is from our window

The next day we rode on our scooters over to the peppermill for breakfast and met up at the rally day event..I grabbed a quick shot of Josh and Vickie at the red light
After scootering around all day Vickie and Josh had tickets to see Tom Jones..We managed to go to dinner at Ah Sin Sushi at the Paris

They left and Gabe and I relaxed at the restaurant for a bit. I was enjoying my Jasmine Ice Tea..the view of the strip was nice too

Gabe and I napped in the room until Josh and Vickie came back to the room after Tom Jones and than we all freshened up and took a cab to the rally night event at the Aruba..I saw a lot of people I have not seen in Years

The Love Me Nots played..they are awesome..I just love them

Saturday the guys went out for the scooter event and me and the gals all went to have our Spa day. Vickie and I took a long steam and than relaxed in the lounge while they called us all for our massages. We all got deep tissue massages except for Holly who got the prenatal. Afterwards we all went to Sephora cause ..How can you not it is right there..and than we went over to Trader Vics for a little happy hour and festive tropical music...This is where I came across a strange admirer..the gals teased me about it for awhile..apparently some guy came up to me knew my name and said I met him at a party several years ago and than came back to give me his number on a match book....I had not one single idea who this guy was..it was rather creepy

Maria and Giselle got a little smashed by the scorpions

Saturday night we all met up again for dinner reservations at Emerils restaurant at the Palazzo called Table 10. It was pretty pricey but Oh man what an awesome dinner I had..I think we all enjoyed our meals..dinner ran a little late and by the time we headed over to the night event we were all a little food coma and missed the band but mingled a little with friends
Sunday is when I started coming down with my cold. We slept in late and had lunch at the Paris and than met up later at the Venetian to Eric and Holly's room for a cocktail and than hung out in a really cool Italian lounge having appetizers and wine and lemoncelllo. We walked over to the strip for some in and out gambling but I had no jacket on and it was pretty cold. That night I did not sleep I could not breathe and was coughing and feverish and stuff was leaking out my nose. I than also felt like throwing up and laid in the bathtub while everyone slept to try and get the steam to help me breathe..I was packing my bags before the sun came up cause I knew that the drive home would be torture and I wanted to just be home ASAP.
Gabe and I went to the Tropicana where I was hacking yellow crap out of my lungs the whole time. We had to go to load up the scooters. Sluggo gave me some Mucinx to help and I took those and vitamin c tablets and Advil..it was the longest trip ever. I came home and been in bed ever since. I hate missing work but I really felt like death has been at my door. Gabe has been sick too and Ava..It would have been the greatest vacation if I did not end it on this bad note.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vegas Baby Vegas

Well I am packing my bags, I got my rental car, the babysitter list are posted on the wall and I am off to Vegas!

I will have no access to blog plus I will be having to much fun to blog anyway..so until I'm back.. i bid you adieu

I love you Man!

Last night was a late night for me. My company did some product placement( Vespa) for the new upcoming feature I love you man and we got 4 invites for the big Hollywood Movie Premier. My boss gave the invites to Holly and myself. I took Gabe and Holly took our neighbor Toni since her husband could not make it. It was a blast. I didn't bring my camera with me but Holly did so I will blog later with our red carpet and celeb photos later once she sends me a copy of her photos.
It was nice being part of the glitter-rotti for an evening having paparazzi taking snap shots. It was so cool Ben Stiller was like 1 foot away from us! I will blog in more detail so stay posted.
Click this link to see some of the stars that we saw there

I got invited to another movie private screening tonight for a movie Drew Barrymore produced and she will be there but I can't make this one since I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning and need to pack for 5 days! Holly drove me to work this morning so she can take me to the John Wayne Airport at noon so I can get my rental car. ( I don't like to add the miles on my own car so I always rent for trips to Vegas)

Anyway Go see I LOVE YOU MAN. It is soo funny we were cracking up the whole time..see the trailer below.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hardest Vacation..

So I am getting ready for my

Trip to Vegas for the annual scooter rally. I have to go to the DMV early in the morning to pay the registration on the company truck that I am gonna borrow to haul me and Gabe's Scooters.

I been getting a little afraid and depressed though that I will be leaving Ava for a long period of time. I know I am gonna miss her really bad this trip. Parker I know will be fine but the baby I don't know how she is going to be.

We are leaving Thursday morning and coming back Monday afternoon. I may break down and leave Sunday though. I am really probably over thinking everything and worrying about nothing.

Gabe's mom will be here watching the kids for the time that we are gone. Ava is really attached to Gabe's mom so I think she will be fine. I just don't want her to forget me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kelsey turns 3!!

Today we went to Kelsey's 3rd Birthday Party. I went a little early to help Kirsten decorate and set up. It was a Dora the Explorer party. They had a bounce house,pony ride,petting zoo and pinata. It was a good time.

While we were setting up Ava got to play with her cousins

Parker hung out in the letting petting zoo. They had ducks,hens,bunnies,and goats
One of the hens even laid an egg!

Ava loved looking at the animals

But I think she had a better time playing with toys with her cousins

Parker took a couple pony rides

Ava liked the pony too!!

Time for the pinata...Parker was the one who busted it open..unfortunately my batteries died so I could not get a shot of him doing..but here is the birthday girl giving it a good try

Lots of candy..however some children just passing by that were not at the party decided to come raid the pinata candy as well
My brother
It's just not a party if you can't wear part of the pinata as a hat..

Time for the birthday cake!

Kelsey had a little help blowing out the candle

Time for presents

I caught Gabe in the act of giving Ava a taste of the cake

As he took away the spoon she snatched it back and was in heaven with the light cream icing
It was a long day but it was a lot of fun!