Thursday, June 24, 2010

AHoy Matey's..

So as you may have noticed my blog was removed for a bit due to my gmail account being hacked. I had to keep blogging though so I started a new Blog.

I am going to stop blogging though on this account and continue to blog on my new account. We are moving into our first house and starting anew so with the new memories and adventures why not start a fresh new blog...So to all my readers please come and follow me to my NEW BLOG...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Typical California Drive to work

The thing I will miss the most when I move is probably my commute to work.

Right now since I live so close to the ocean I been taking PCH to work everyday. Now that we are moving to Lakewood it is going to be Goodbye coastal drive hello 405 gridlock!

This is what My trip to work is like....

Off to Work..Hot coffee , music ,floor heater on and windows down.
Leaving the neighborhood
Hard to take photos and drive but this is one of my favorite homes in the neighborhood.
Over the bridge by the Marina Nearing PCH

So many Palm Trees and Pelicans and Seagulls
On to Another bridge passing the naval ship in Seal Beach
It always smells like the ocean big time right here
Seal Beach Houses. Jesse James lives here somewhere.
Old Water Tower...Now available for Parties and other private events!
This is sunset beach. See a lot of old Wooden seaside Bars, restaurants,marina,surf shops and other curiosity shops.
Nice Open Highway driving through Bolsa Chica. I got my nice ocean breeze blowing through my hair..I love this kinda over cast mist that wakes me up each morning as well.
I see this van EVERY morning. Also heading to catch some waves.
The water was pretty mellow this morning
Sometimes when your stopped at the red you can see a group of Dolphins jumping in and out of the water. It is reallly cool to see that!
It is also really cool when it is storming outside and see the waves and the wind it is a site..however it floods a lot so sometimes I got to go another route..which sucks
This is the Dog Beach area of Huntington Beach. I always see a bunch of people out there in the morning with their dogs and always a ton of surfers
Quick Glimpse of the Huntington Beach statue.
I work in Costa Mesa so this is the hill I have to climb to get to the Mesa.
They just did a lot of landscaping last summer
Made it to work....I am really going to miss this drive.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love Cheesy Corn

So I came up with a great recipe for a Cheesy Corn dish. I been getting requests to bring it at every potluck and when I have holiday dinners to attend. Anyway it is super easy and cheap to make. Here it is..take in mind I do not measure..I just taste test here and there

Can of Corn- Drained ( I usually use 4 cans when bringing it over for dinner cause everyone goes for seconds and thirds)

I use a Garlic and pepper blend to season the corn while it is cooking

Once heated I drain the fluid

I add in a heaping spoonful of Butter and coat the corn
Then on a medium heat I add 1 package of cream cheese and season some more with garlic salt and pepper.

I add two tablespoons of Mayo

Mix all and when taking the pan off the burner I shake Parmesan cheese over the top.

So that is fast recipe for Cheesy corn.
For a extra zest add some lemon does wonders.

This recipe is for 4 cans of can modify the ingredients depending on how many cans you use.

LOL Looks like I will never have a career in writing a recipe book.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ava's New Scoot

Last Christmas Santa Brought Ava a new Pink Scooter. Daddy just built it yesterday and boy did Ava have a blast playing with it.
She was trying to reach the pedals but still a little shy on reaching them
She was good though using her feet to help her along
She hates Headbands
Now experimenting on putting her feet up
Yeah..lost interest...she gets around better by walking
I am sure once she can reach the pedals and figure it out she will be all over the place on her pink scoot.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nate comes to visit!

Before I left  work yesterday I noticed a message from my cousin Nate who just happened to be coming to LA last night and went to meet up with him. I haven't seen him in like 3 years.
He has been away in Afghanistan fighting and had some really close calls on his last deployment.He came back home (well his home in NC) in January. My mom and I as well as other family members have been so worried about him and glad he is home.

Anyways he was in AZ jumping outta Airplanes for some Army training in AZ and him and a buddy of his who also decided to drive to CA to see family. We all met up at Acapulco for dinner and margarittas. It was great catching up with him. I am happy to know that he will be retiring. He just did his 10 year and I think for now for a few years is going to focus on moving back to Florida with his wife and spend time with his kids.

Above is a picture of Gabe holding Ava (she was knocked out) Parker, Mike (my cousins friend) me and My cousin Nate.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Playful Thursday Night

It was a pretty casual Thursday night. I posted my kittens up on Craigslist for adoption and two got adopted last night!!
I know I should have packed some more but all weekend will be a packing marathon so I took the night off from packing.
Ava watched a couple of Yo Gabba Gabba episodes and every time it comes on she runs and gets her Gabba dolls and makes them dance
Now she is making them hold hands
I was busting up laughing and so she took them to the other room.
Gabe ended up getting the night off so we thought we would relax with some wine..he was in the kitchen cooking something up with Parker I could hear...this is what they were making..YUM!!
The chocolate covered strawberries with the Shiraz went wonderful together.
That got Parker in the mood to make another tasty treat...Ice Pops!
After making all our treats we all sat together and watched the live Web cast of the World Premier of the World of Color at Disney's Cal Adventure. What a amazing show..I bet it is a spectacular site to see live. Can't wait to see t in person!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yummy Yummy!!

Today my boss took Holly and I out to lunch to celebrate a belated birthday for Holly.
We ate at His friends restaurant. It was so good as usual and this place is constantly packed.

Holly got the heirloom tomato Capesse salad
I got the terriyaki burger ..Like one of the best burgers I ever had and the side salad was awesome too. The Passion fruit Ice tea I got was also good.
For dessert we got a banana bread pudding with some chocolate chips and home made cream and caramel..OMG!! It was soooooooooo good.
Anyways I highly reccomend Eat Chow in Costa Mesa.