Saturday, February 28, 2009

Longest Week Ever...

Let me just say that this past week has been so insane at work. I admit there would be some down time and for some hours it would drag and drag but all in all this has been the longest week ever!
One employee was out sick all week. Another employee had a technical training course to teach. Another employee took 2 PTO days and another started his vacation.
It was basically my boss, one co worker and myself working the whole week.
I been in and out of meetings all week to but there is some very interesting things coming up for the company in April.
Our CEO is coming to visit and we are releasing the new Vespa 300!! We will be having the Product launch press party at our facility. We have still not settled in completely so my boss asked me to get to decorating.
Anyway I was so burned out last night I basically went straight to bed.
I think Ava has been teething. She has became quite fussy in the past week. I gave her some teething tablets and that ALWAYS quiets her up..we are also going to buy her a play saucer this weekend cause we need to put her in something cause right now she loves just sitting in her stroller...see how content she looks.................................

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beware of Lychee Martini's

They are the best!! Last night Toni and Thelma came over and on my way home I dropped by BevMo and thought hmmm I am gonna do something really special as far as cocktails go.
I made thee most awesome Lychee Passion Martini.
I made it with..
1 1/2 oz Vodka (a few I made 2 oz depends on how boozy you like your drinks)
1/2 oz Soho Lychee Liqour
1/2 oz Passion Fruit Puree
Splash of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice
Shake and serve chill ( I had no garnishes but you can get Lychee in syrup in a jar)
After a few we were all in delightful and stimulating covo of course. Parker had fun hanging out with us and showing us his toys and games while we sat and chatted and the girls took turns holding Ava.
Gabe was visiting our accountant to file our taxes and when he came home and told me how much we were getting back..Ofcourse we had to celebrate again with another round.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now That's a Fancy Ice Cream

I been on a mean ice cream addiction the past couple of weeks and I been telling Gabe how I wish there was an old ice cream parlor we could go to as a family..something like Farrell's.
On my hunt for a old fashion Parlor I came across Delicieuse. I looked at my husband with begging eyes to pleasssssssssssssssse take me there.
Basically it is a French Artisanale Ice Cream Cafe. They are plated on nice dishes with beautiful artistic garnishes. It is like a fine cuisine.
I am also intrigued by the flavors. The picture above I grabbed off flicker and it is of the goats milk ice cream (which by the way I will NOT be trying)
Figue ~ Fig
Menthe ~ Mint
Café ~ Coffee
Coco ~ Coconut
Yaourt ~ Yogurt
Safran ~ Affron
Cognac ~ Cognac
Canelle ~ Cinnamon
Fraise ~ Strawberry
Pistache ~ Pistachio
Chene de Rians ~ Oak
Lavande ~ Lavender
Vanille ~ Vanilla Bean
Cacahutte ~ Peanut Butter
Peche Blanche ~ White Peach
Syrop D`Erable ~ Maple Syrup
Fromage Blanc ~ Fromage Blanc
Glace Mangue ~ Mango Ice Cream
Banana Flambee ~ Banana Flambee
Glace Vanille Au Lait Chevre ~ Goat’s Milk
Caramel a la Fleur de Sel ~ Caramel with Salt
Au Jeune Riz Vietnamien ~ Vietnamese Rice
Chocolat aux Noisette ~ Chocolate Hazelnut
Creme Glacee de Earl Grey ~ Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream
Chocolat A La Couverture Concorde ~ Deep Dark Chocolate
Dua avec Coco ~ Asian Vanilla Ice Cream with Young coconut
And the Sorbet..
Café ~ Coffee
Figue ~ Fig
Biere ~ Beer
Melon ~ Melon
Menthe ~ Mint
Vanille~ Vanilla
Griotte ~ Cherry
Avocat ~ Avocado
Mangue ~ Mango
Banane ~ Banana
Poire William ~ Pear William
Muscat ~ Muscat White Wine
Pomme Verte ~ Green Apple
Citron Basilic ~ Lemon Basil
Géranium ~ Geranium Flower
Ananas Vanille ~ Pineapple Vanilla
Fleurs Hibiscus ~ Hibiscus Flower
Carotte Orange ~ Carrot Orange
Abricot Des Côtes Du Rhone ~ Apricot
Peche Nectarine ~ Peach TangerineSorbet
Thé au Jasmin~ Jasmin Tea Sorbet
Poire au Chocolat ~ Pear with Chocolate
Abricot Romarin ~ Apricot with Rosemary
Fraise avec Basilic ~ Strawberry
My biggest problem now is to choose what flavor to get!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Come Along and walk with me

So everyday I walk to pick up Parker from the after school program when Gabe leaves to work and I come home.These walks are truly a moment of zen for me. To walk in the crisp air and take in the beauty yet Erie neighborhood I live in. I find it a mysterious neighborhood full of I am sure wandering spirits and lots of history considering it is a historical district.

I was out of diapers and had to create some fun little project to lure Parker into the walk to the local grocery store which is only 3 measly blocks from the house.

So I brought my camera and told him to help find some beautiful things on our walk to take pictures of. So here are some pictures that we took on our walk. Two I took before I got Parker to show him what I was doing.

The Things we love about our neighborhood.....

There are so many lovely shrubs and trees and gardens to capture

I love that Parkers school is across the street..They removed the old Air Raid siren recently

This is from my front door..I love the sunset

I love the palm tress

I love my cats whom always want to follow us on our walks but they stop at the end of the street

The flowers everywhere

Parker loves all the street signs..this one is ours

I love the white picket fences

I love the spookiness of Winnipeg Street and the old brick pillars

I love all the old stone

We love walks

I love that the grocery store is 3 blocks away

Parker loves all the old cars

We love the old lamp posts and fence lights

I can't love enough white picket fences
We came across a Lurker in the shadows......stalking behind us as we turned the corner of our block

I love the surprises of the neighborhood like realizing that a cat has been following me and I never noticed

3D is Fun!!

Yesterday my dad came over to babysit Ava so Gabe and Parker and myself could go see Coraline before it was no longer showing in 3D.

Gabe thought it was good , I loved it!! and Parker Loved it as well after the movie was over he wanted to see it again.

We got home and playing on the Coraline website
Here is the seeds for Parkers flower he designed

Here are the seeds for my pink poison

Ut oh ...I got button eyes

Heres Parker in his 3D glasses after the movie

I can't wait to see all the other 3D movies coming out!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

An evening at The Supper Club

Last night we went to Savannah Supper Club with My uncle John and Kirsten whom is a long time close friend that is now my aunt..funny how things work out in life..

Last time we dined here it was just adults but we brought the kiddos this time around. Well I brought Half my kiddos ...Parker we dropped off at his cousins for awhile so we just brought Ava with us.

This is a very Regal restaurant. We got there at 5:30 when it opens and already there was a traffic jam of cars in the Valet. When you walk into this place it is very dark decorated with big plush red velvet booths and white linen tables. There are Candelabras and Jeweled chandeliers that dimly light the place. We were seated in the room pass the lounge where they usually have a live Jazz act playing. The room is lit with wall mounted Candles of all assortments and a dim light that softly changes a different shade every 5 minutes. The walls are lavender and maroon and there are different little nooks and crannies that you can reserve little intimate booths for a private party. The are basically like corner booths with a canopy of sheer drapes.

Me getting ready for dinner

Now bare with me. My photos had to be taken with my non flash camera phone cause my digital battery went south.

This is the one photo I got before my Camera went dead.

Kelsey..she was pretty good..despite the mischievous smirk as seen below

The hubs enjoying his Cajun Martini

Another Swell Evening

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Tradition

Every weekend at least one day we go out for breakfast. We been doing this for almost as long as Gabe and I been together..even the simplest of restaurants is golden for us...

Parker decided Pizza for Breakfast is a GREAT idea

While we dined .....Ava Played

Parker had fun adding food coloring to his water..

Gabe falls victim to the aroma of a hot skillet breakfast

This was my breakfast..and it was everything I could ask for

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chinese Food and Family Fued

So on a usually uneventful Thursday night Auntie Ally came over with a big Bag of Chinese Take-Out from Pick up Stix. We had a feast of the House Chicken and Honey chicken with noodles and rice along the side.
After our Meal I made us a couple of Vodka Sodas. We than picked a spot out in front of the TV and Played a couple rounds of Family Feud on the Play station 2.
I always seem to pick the right moments to snap a picture~

Ava was playing too

I tried to take a picture of the really creepy looking characters...but I didn't want to subject you to the Horror I will put up another cute Ava and Ally shot

This was before Ava spit up on her clothes when I than cleaned her up and put her jammies on.
Any night when you and a pal can share take out is a mighty good night ..well in my opinion of course

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Trivia Dream Team

There is a local Irish Pub Gallagher's a block away from where I live and on Wednesdays they have these Pub Trivia challenges where basically people come out for drink and food specials and have a team of like 4 people who battle other teams in the bar to trivia. There is a buy in and what ever teams wins ..wins the pot.

Now I am a HUGE HUGE trivia nerd. So is my husband and our old roommate Carl. We get together once a month ..used to be more and battle each other at trivia games on PlayStation such as You don't know Jack ( three versions) Jeopardy, Buzz, scene it, Rock n Roll trivia, Trivial Pursuit etc... Ally has joined us for a few nights of trivia so I came to this idea that we should make a team and do the Gallagher's thing one night.

I think we could be a KILLER team..

It maybe hard though considering it is a work night for me and I HATE going out on week nights ( a gal has got to get her sleep) also Gabe works nights, Carl works night and I believe Ally works pretty late as well.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Activities for the kids

When Parker was about Ava's age I joined Gymboree. It was a fun time but it did have a heavy price tag. You get 45 minutes of play one day a week for 70.00 a month. The money is really not an object for me but I am thinking maybe there is something else. Parker did not seem to care much about gymboree..Gabe was thinking maybe he was just not old enough.
Anyway I am on the hunt to find maybe some other fun Mommy and me sort of thing for me and Ava to do on maybe Saturdays.

I also want to put Parker in some sort of activity as well cause really he plays too much video games and I am taking them away slowly and want him to focus on something else. He does not really care for sports but is quite thee explorer. I was thinking maybe even putting him in horse riding lessons at the equestrian center I used to go to when I did show jumping.
I also thought about putting him in some sort of music lesson but he gets to frustrated if he can;t get it the first couple times and gives up really easily. I think at least with the horse riding it is fun to do and learn.
We tried him in baseball he did not like it..asked him if he wanted to take interests...I don't know what to do.
I will continue on my journey to find some sort of groups to put the kids in.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Sickie...

Yesterday I had the day off work and first thing I had to do was take Ava to the doctor cause she has been coughing and gagging and fussing. Her nose started running too has her first cold.

On the way home we had to make a few pit stops. We took Parker to use his Gift Card for Toys R us. He bought a bunch of CUBE World toys. Than we went to babies r us and got Ava a bunch of stuff too. Than one more stop to Walmart.

Anyways cutting it short cause the baby needs my full attention..she has not been wanting to be without someone holding her.

Monday, February 16, 2009

All the Goods...

Yesterday I spent the day at the Scrapbook Expo. Parker wanted to come with me so I dropped off Ava with the sitter. I didn't spend as much as I thought I would. I can't wait til the rubber stamp convention. Here's what I got..I took pictures while putting my stuff away.

I bought quite a few assorted paper packets and some single printed paper and a pink leather album for Ava's first book

Also I got some stickers and foam stamps some embossing tools and Glitter embossing powder and embossing ink pens

I got a bunch of assorted theme eyelets and brads, some sticky pearls and embellishing crystals

I got TONS of ribbon

I can't wait for the next one

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Disneyland in Watercolors..

No not really but in pictures..just as good. Yesterday we celebrated Parkers 8th Birthday with a trip to Disneyland! I was worried that It was gonna rain but it was good weather besides it FREEZING at night! I Took SO many pictures and it was hard to choose which ones I wanted to post.
We got there at about 11am and MAN I think the longest line we waited in was the ticket line. Parker got in for free for his birthday and got a Big Happy Birthday pin. Everyone was wishing him Happy Birthday all day long. We got the 2fer and are heading to California Adventure tomorrow! My feet are tired after Disneyland yesterday the scrapbook convention today my dogs are gonna be ready to be put down tomorrow...luckily it is pretty small.

Gabe left something in the car so we waited for him at the tram. It was sunny so I put Ava's glam shades on.

Inside the park..we of course have to take the infamous flower picture..It was almost a mob fight too..every time we kept trying to take a picture someone would jump in front of us.

The first ride we went on was Finding Nemo Subs..we have never been on it so I wanted to get that one out of the way is Gabe and Ava in line

Parker found a way to entertain himself in line

This was a fun ride

Ava really enjoyed looking out the window too..she was so fascinated with everything!

Afterwards we went to the Autopia..Parkers Favorite ride. He was finally old enough to drive the car by himself but he still wanted me to ride with him..the gas pedal is a little hard so I worked that while he steered.

Me riding with Parker

Because we have an infant we got to get rider switch passes which is awesome cause After we rode Parker got to instantly drive Gabe next

While in tomorrow land I had to go change Ava so Parker and Gabe played some video games and than we figured we would get Fast Pass for Space Mountain but the ride was close..all of a sudden it opened up and I walked right in with Parker and got on the ride..Gabe got to do the rider switch but Parker did not care for Space Mountain so Gabe went on by himself..That ride is a little too crazy for Parker..I felt bad afterwards for taking him on it..they made it faster i think cause even I was like WTH??..This is Gabe's picture from it..Pretty funny

To mellow things out we went to the Buzz Lightyear ride
Once again Ava was in a trance

Parker got to a level 2

My goal was to have Parker pose in front of each land..could not do it much to see in such little daylight time

We went over by frontier land and than to adventure land where we got fast passes for Indiana Jones and Parker played in the Tarzan house..
We got pretty hungry and went and ate at the New Orleans restaurant and surprised Parker with his own special treasure chest birthday cake.

Afterwards it was back to Adventure land and we went on the jungle cruise

Ava's face looking at the animals

We had to go to the Tiki room of course

Ava's face I could not get enough on her reactions to a lot of the attractions

Parker had 2 Dole Pineapple Whips..He asked me if he could buy a bucket of it to take home

It was off to Indianan Jones which we did the switch..Parker was a little afraid than afterwards he went on again with Gabe and than it was over That was the ride he wanted to go on over and over again..
Off to the Pirates...I just love the smell of that place when you walk inside!
I had to take a picture of the is my favorite part

We went on a few other things and went to a few stores than it was off to It's a small world

I really like the new additions to the ride!

After that ride you have to exit through the toys store (sneaky Disneyland) and Ava could not get enough of this princess so of course I had to buy it for her

They started closing stuff for the firework show but we managed to get on the little dumbo circus train this time I was Freezing my butt off..It was SO cold

I could not tolerate the cold anymore and Ava was out for the count so we made a last stop to the Haunted Mansion and then went home. It was a really good time..can't wait to get my passes.