Thursday, January 28, 2010

Locked and Loaded

So Gabe's birthday is coming up and so is Holly husband Chris. They both are a day apart so Holly and I decided to throw them a joint bday party together and Got the Big Red Bus for a Irish pub crawl Bday party for them. They are going to pick us up at Gallagher's bar around the corner from where we live and then go on a 3 hours pub crawl. We can bring our own booze,food and music on the bus.
Holly and I are going to make a big pre mixed cocktail batch to take for everyone and ofcourse have some food and birthday cake or more like cupcakes.
Holly just put the reservation in on Monday so Party bus here we come. I can't's not until March 13th. That will be a fun blog!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Game Night

Over the weekend we went to have a family game night at Henry House. My uncle John made two pots of chili..the IF YOU DARE CHILI and the whimpy chili. I had the whimpy!

My brother had the IF YOU DARE CHILI..can you tell...Gabe did too..he was crying LOL
Ava just stuck with the corn bread
While we were eating and talking the bigger kids were playing in the living room and the babies were keeping themselves entertained in the bedroom.
They were having so much fun playing together. They are finally at the age where they are starting to want to play together.
Kirsten and Jessica and Kelsey played Candyland!
Gabe me and Jessica and Parker Played Chocolate Monopoly...Parker won all the chocolates! He shared with everyone though.
After our board games John, Alex and I had a puzzle race. My uncle bought three big vintage puzzles and we were racing to put them back was pretty fun.
John and Alex played Beatles Rockband..Ava loved watching the graphics.
My brother in deep concentration. He was playing on expert and was saying how it has been a long time since he played..he actually did pretty good.
It was a nice evening. We all had a great time. Just one of the many FREE family fun get together.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bird Watching in Bolsa Chica

This Past Sunday we went up to meet with John and Kirsten and took the kids out to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve to do a little bird watching.
I drive pass here everyday on my way home from work and always love looking at the different birds that Migrate over throughout the seasons. The kids were really excited to get out there and look around.

Kelsey and Parker right away went to look at the premises.
We checked out the wildlife calendar to check out what kind of birds would be out this season
The dads and kids ready to cross the bridge that led us to our bird watching journey
Kirsten took a photo of us..and then I took one of their family..which I will possibly see on their blog soon?????
This little guy was on the hunt...he was moving his feet around in the puddles trying to stir up some critter to eat
It's hard to tell on this photo but there was lots of little birds hiding in the marsh and shrubbery
This guy too was on the look out for some tasty morsel
We saw lots of these guys and Large Egrets as well and tons of loons and ducks
As we were leaving this little critter caught his catch of the day (a big piece of bread)..the kids liked watching him eat his meal
We had a really nice time. Now we gotta come back next season to look at the new batch of birds we will find.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tornado on 17th Street Costa Mesa CA

Yesterday it was pretty wild watching the storm outside my office window. It was so cool that I opened up all the drapes. Our electricity went out for a little bit and we lost everything so we say in the lobby watching the storm. Then Holly says after looking at the weather report on her blackberry that we been issued a Tornado alert...I was thinking yeah right tornado..I been in many of storms and always hear that OOOO tornado alert and was not thinking much of it. So we continued to watch the storm and she said the alert was now saying 1:30 a tornado will hit in our area..seeing the weather conditions worsening I started thinking ...yeah it really looks like a tornado could be forming.
All of a sudden Thunder and Lightening started emerging in the skies and the rain and wind were moving in all different directions..then it grew louder and stronger and then we looked at the clock and noticed it was 1:08 and then it really was growling and the ceiling was trembling loudly and I was in the Hallway saying THIS IS IT!! THIS IS THE TORNADO!! and Holly was in the hallway too but we were watching outside. In the hallway all the lighting fixtures were bouncing all over the place and it really looked like and earthquake. Then we headed for the lobby and the rain was gone,the wind was gone and it was QUIET. We unlocked the front door and made our way outside to take a look and what a sight it was.......

Our neighbors were all outside a little shaken up and the neighbors across the street lost their whole ROOF!! There were trees,roof,and wood all over the road blown to BITS!
There was windows blown out...people were in that building. I talk to one lady who worked there and she said the boss had given them the ok to go home cause of the tornado alert but it was too late...luckily no one was hurt.
Cars that were parked outside got destroyed by flying debris
This is just more destruction on the other side of the building.
Shortly after the tornado we had the fire department and police show up..I am sure the people in the building that got all tore up must have called 911.
These two cars got it bad..big dents and scratches and broken tail lights
Our street...luckily it got cleaned up before I had to leave from work.
The tree that overhangs from our neighbors property finally gave in...right on one of our students that is here for trainings rental car...luckily he was covered
This is Holly's everyday parking spot..some reason she didn't park there yesterday...good choice!
All the news came by and were taking statements from eye witnesses...they interview Holly and I. We were both like OH MAN..we look so messed up today to be on TV
When I got home I put on the news...Here is a photo of the tornado in Costa Mesa
Holly on TV!!!!
Me on TV!! My hair was so frizzy and windblown...Tornado Hair! Plus the camera really does add 10 lbs!!! I am not that bloated looking..well at least I think!
Anyway it was a interesting day to say the they are talking bigger storm today or tomorrow..yipes....I just hope I don't have to drive through it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Masonic Installation of Officers Ceremony

Saturday night Gabe and I went to our friend Scott's 103rd (i believe) Installation of Officers ceremony at his masonic lodge. We took my brother and his girlfriend with us and we had a really good time. ( Scott is my brothers best friend and my friend Toni's boyfriend)

the ceremony was about 2 hours long. Scott was moving up in rank for his lodge and we watched as he got his jewel and was appointed his new position. The presentation was very professional and it was definitely unlike anything I have ever been too The master of ceremonies passing along the polls of their appointed duties.
Master of ceremonies walking Scott to his position

Everything is set from West,South,North and East. The East is where the Worshipful Master takes stand..Worshipful master is the name given to the head of the lodge I believe is how it goes
Here is the worshipful master giving his thanks and presenting special gifts to those that help out the lodge

At the end of the ceremony Job's daughters come out and do closing cross.

Job's Daughters International is a Masonic sponsored youth organization for girls aged 10 to 20. The organization is commonly referred to as simply Job's Daughters, and sometimes abbreviated as JDI (or IOJD, referring to its longtime former name). Job's Daughters focuses on the Holy Bible but celebrates and welcomes many religions and cultures.

They came out at the end and were singing and knelled at the bible. It was a really nice little performance they did.

Afterwards the new officers returned their items and then everyone was led into the banquet room for dinner and dancing and drinks.

Their lodge is a pretty good size and was established in 1956. The have their own banquet room,a band stage and dance floor, a kitchen, a pub and a beautiful patio over looking the harbor. Everyone was dressed nicely. The mason's all wore red Roses and the wives/girlfriends and families of the mason's wore white roses. My brother and Jessica pictured below

Scot and Toni at dinner. It was nice to see them walking together when exiting the main room. All the mason's got to exit first with their wife or girlfriend on their arms and then everyone else exited last.
Gabe and I the dinner table. We met so many cool people. Everyone was very friendly. The Band was great too..they did some Mel Torme covers as well as other great artist. There was lounge music playing in between.
The dinner was really good. The dessert was even better!!
After dinner we went to their pub in the lodge and had drinks and mingled. Their pub consisted of a bar, Foosball table,pool table, chairs, big screen TV and the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on. Gabe and I were invited back to the lodge and Gabe has filled out his application and is now I guess Pledging to become a mason. He already got the signatures from fellow masons to join.
For those of you who have no idea what a Freemason is it is basically the worlds Oldest and Largest Fraternity. Other Hierarchy in Freemasonry is the Scottish Rite and Shriner's.
I don't really know too much but this is just things here and there that I am learning.
It is very much more detailed.
We will definitely be back. We had a awesome time.

A Scrapping we will go!!

Early Saturday Morning Kirsten came to Pick me up to go to the Annual Scrapbook Expo at the OC Fairgrounds! We first made a stop to coffee Bean for a Bagel and Coffee then away it was to the EXPO!!I brought my big bag and my camera for snapping shots of ideas. Some of the vendors do not allow you to take photos. I really loved this one cause there was so many embellishments used in it such as ribbon,buckles,flowers,jewels,brands and felt boarders.
This one was really cute as well with these big glittery snowflakes
I love the Cosmo Cricket Paper. It is very Retro. I bought tons of that and Tons of my fave S.E.I.
Kirsten and I noticed that this year it seems like the big hit and trend of scrapbooking was FELT!! There was felt things everywhere. I really loved this layout..It was like a thin netting ribbon with Leaf ribbon twisted through it with silk flowers with a rhinestone center. I Love it!
This was like the ONE thing I didn't buy at the I figure I can get them anywhere.
I love the glittery snowflakes with small jewel accents on this snowy page
Kirsten Picking out Paper
Pure Scrapbook Heaven
Here is some of my Goodies I came home with....Now to get some Scrapp'n Done!
I bought tons of printed paper..I want to do a retro theme scrapbook so I bought tons of retro printed paper, I paper kit from S.E.I. for Ava's baby scrapbook, Tons of embellishments such as brads,stickers,ribbons,chipboard cut outs,felt boarders,jewels and embossing powders and glitter art. I also bought a small album to make Ava's ABC book. I think to get back in the Game I am going to start by making the ABC book then move on to finally my wedding album and Ava's album and Parkers.