Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 I bid you Adieu...

Well after today I will be on vacation for 11 glorious days. I haven't taken a long vacation since maternity leave! The only downfall is I will have no computer so this will be my last blog until January 4th.
For my vacation I am really gonna tidy up around the house and throw out a ton of junk. We are getting a new couch ( well it's really a new used couch from Sean since he is moving in with his Girlfriend). That will make a big difference in my household...I can't remember the last time I got a new couch...I think Parker was 2! I would really also like to move Ava in Parker's room..i don't see that happening just yet though...
Christmas should be fun. I am having the family over as usual. We are making a roast for dinner and I am going to attempt making Tamales tomorrow while Gabe most likely finishes up his last minute shopping just as every year.
We normally celebrate Christmas Eve with Gabe's family but this year he has to work so we will be missing it.
New Years Eve Gabe has to work as well. I don't typically like to go out on New Years Eve but this year the kids and I are going to my uncles and Kirsten for a fun theme Pajama Party and Game night New Years Eve. I have some pretty fun board games to bring..maybe we can also rock out some Beatles rockband!
My new years resolution this year is to LOSE WEIGHT! I should stop smoking too..even though I really only smoke when I drink..and when people at work take smoke breaks I join them. I also want to be more girly and glamorous..I am talking wearing more dresses and heels on a regular occasion. I miss the old flare of the 50's when women were really proper with their looks. I am gonna try and bring it back! It will be hard to do considering kids,and that I work for a Motorcycle company. My next goal is to get some more scrapbooking done! Kirsten and I talked about this last Saturday..we just need to do it. It looks like between the Gym and Scrapbooking nights I am going to have a busy 2010!
Happy holidays everyone!
Have a Safe New Years!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

On the road to my goal

So today I signed up for a 7day free pass to 24 hour fitness. I am finally joining the GYM!!
I been at home exercising and the reason why I never signed up sooner was cause I had no one to watch the kids. For some reason I was thinking I could not take Ava there to be watched until she was potty trained but I see all she has to be is over 6 months! Now that I know that the location near me has a kid club I am so going to the Gym.

I hope to drop 20 lbs at least for 2010. I would love to lose it before my Vegas trip in February ..maybe with a strict diet and constant exercising I will reach my goal!

I think the thing that is great is a couple of my friends also go to this gym and we can all support each other.

I start Monday since I will be on vacation for 11 days!!! Wish me luck!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Henry Christmas

Saturday was the what is now been named the California Christmas for the Henry family. We went to celebrate Xmas with my uncle and Kirsten and Kelsey and John Jr since they go to Boston every year for Xmas. Kirsten made a nice dinner for everyone and had lots of wine and holiday treats.

The kids played outside until dusk. Pictured here is Taylor (neighbor girl) John Jr. Parker and Kelsey.

I tried to get this shot again with Ava in it but all she wanted to do was play with the big blow up snowman,penguin and Santa in the yard.

Ahh now that's a nice pillow

Kelsey was having fun rubbing her head in the snowman and the static was making her hair stand up.

It was getting Dusk and my uncle wanted to give me my gift from them before it got dark..I had no idea what to expect..they all of a sudden were telling me to close my eyes. This is the picture Gabe took of me to see my face expression.

My uncle bought me a Vintage bike and restored it. These pictures do it no justice..It is so awesome!. The cool vintage headlight and the little tank on it has a electric horn. It is so unbelievably awesome!..Time to take it for a spin...

I love the back rack on it and the mud flap too!! I totally feel like Pee Wee now. I told everyone I am going to be just like him when it comes to the bike..Good Morning...I'm Hereeeeeeee.

Then it was time to come in and eat and open presents

Parker got some good gifts..he got a keyboard,a magic set, magic crystals and a spy set.

John and Kirsten got Gabe a GPS!! I can't wait to use it. Ever since I took my company truck out to pick up and scooter for them and used the GPS inside of it Gabe and I been both talking about how great it would be to own one..Now He does!

All the kids were having a field day opening gifts. Ava got some good stuff too..she got a baby doll, a cute outfits and a Fisher price Play Set that she just loves!

After all the present opening it was time for everyone to just relax..The kids played with their new items..Logan however still could not get enough with playing with the ornaments on the tree.

My brother thought it would be fun to dive in the piles of wrappers

Kirsten had a wonderful tray of treats.

Parker doing some magic tricks with his new kit

Alexis got hold of one of the mini chocolate cupcakes

Logan was fine with his milk

Chocolate Overload!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava was content with just playing with toys

Gabe was not feeling to well all week and he was really tired so it was time to leave the aftermath!!....Good night everyone...Happy Holidays!!

Tantalizing Tantalum~

So over the week Thelma and I been talking about getting together this past Friday. We were talking about having a drink somewhere that has a nice lounge area to catch up since it's been awhile since the two of us hung out and Thelma suggested we check out Tantalum which we both have heard about the place but neither of us been there.

Thelma was to meet me at my place at 6 and we were going to try and head up there by Happy hour but we missed it by a hair. Throughout the day we were chatting about Tantalum and Toni came to join us and Arnold as well for a drink.

The bar was really cool over looking the harbor so we could see boats with their holiday lights decorated them as they Cruise through out the harbor.

Thelma and I were intrigued to try the Asian Pear Martini..It was soo tasty.
Toni started off with a HEF!
The joint is really dim inside and the only lighting at the bar was the lights under the table. We thought it looked really cool the glasses atop the bar so we had to take pictures.
The bartender offered to take our picture....I hate this picture..I have the deer in Headlights stare
For the second drink Thelma ordered the Pink was a bubblegum flavored martini served with a lollipop garnish. It was good..Arnold got us all a round of those as well.
My second drink was the Tahitian Moon. It was a beautiful drink with a purple Orchid floating on it. It tasted like Hawaiian Punch with a swift kick in the arse!
Line up them cocktails Gals...
Another shot of us...I really like this shot
Thelma and I were chatting outside in the little secret walk way looking entrance to this place. We had some strangers take this picture of us.

We did not stay that long..only for a couple of drinks. Toni's boyfriend Scott showed up and he had a beer. Thelma and I were ready to split so we all left. Afterwards Thelma Hung out with me and had a glass of wine at my place and we exchanged Christmas gifts. She got me a Really awesome compact and a really cool Glass Pink Elephant bottle stopper.

It was good catching up. I can't wait to go back to this restaurant and have dinner. The food smelled great!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

So I have been shopping for weeks and I finally got my xmas shopping done!!!

I been in and out of so many stores this year. I am so glad it is done with only a few minor injuries along the way such as twisted ankle, few paper cuts,sore back, kinked neck and a whole lot of bruises.
Anyway on one of my walks to the local grocery store that Toni usually comes with me on..Toni took this awesome picture of Ava !! She of course had a leaf in her hand..she cannot get enough of leaves..I find them all over my house.

Retro Slideshows at Best

I really want to go check this out but I have so much last minute shopping to do and besides Gabe has to work this Sunday.
Charles Phoenix shows are so fun. He basically collects old retro slides from estate sales and what not and has these slide shows viewings where he narrates you through a hilarious journey through the memories of strangers pasts.
The holiday Slide show shows off retro holiday slides. I always wanted to go to that one.
Gabe and I been to his Disneyland one and we had such a good time. There was slides from amusement parks and more from the 50's to the 60's. The old Disneyland slides were a crack up some of the expressions on people faces and the vacation attire. I also had him autograph my books. We own ALL of his books.

I highly suggest you check him out or sign up for his SLIDE OF THE WEEK!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A place with a view

The other day I was lounging on the couch filling out my holiday cards and watching TV and I noticed that Ava found her new favorite spot...Her toy Box!!
She was really kicking back in there. She would watch tv then play with her toys and watch tv.
She had a really good time in it but getting out of the box was another story. Gabe had to rescue her out.
Looks like it's time for a bigger box!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gingerbread House Party

So Sunday we went over to John and Kirsten's place for a Gingerbread house making Party.

Kirsten had the table all laid out with Naked Gingerbread houses and a Gingerbread tree and had all kinds of dishes with assorted candies. She also had a wonderful lay out of snacks for the guests and some wine of course! I brought over some gingerbread men also for the kids and adults to decorate.

Here is the nice lay out before the decorating began.

All the little kids played for awhile first is one half of the twins..I didn't get any pix of Lexi

Time for decorating..Everyone wore xmas hats..Kirsten got left with the bah humbug hat

Parker had a plan how to decorate his house

Jessica was making a house for the twins since they are still too young to make one on their own.

I could not resist the craving for some gingerbread so I quickly decorated a man and ate him right after...he was a tasty morsel. bwahahahahaa

Kelsy was anxious to eat a gingerbread man too..she could not even wait to decorate it first.

Tara's house was coming along nicely

Finishing up

Little Jess took on the xmas tree..that was a hard one to decorate

Parker's finished house

He then rewarded himself with a sweet treat

Even later into the evening after everyone had went home my kids and John and Kirsten's kids (The Cousins) still were on their sugar what better way to use it all up then by jumping on the couch.

The babies were having a blast too.. within 5 minutes into the car ride home both kids were out for the count. we had a GREAT TIME!!!