Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day Weekend--Long Blog....

So it has been awhile since I blogged. My computer at home is not working to well and when it does I have have a chance to go on it cause either Gabe or Parker are on it (mainly Parker playing games). Anyways, I thought I would just write what has went on in the past week with us. Monday the week started out with me being sick and taking a sick day at work. Tuesday was just an average go to work come home relax kinda day. Wednesday Sean and a couple of friends came over and we had wine and bread. That night after everyone left Gabe and I went to bed and then it began!! Ava woke up at midnight and stayed up screaming and crying and did not go to bed and cried non stop til 5:30am!! We were going to take her to the emergency but she did not have a fever and ended up winding down so I stayed home to take her to the doctor first thing in the morning. The doctor said she just has a virus and a small reaction to her Chicken pox vaccine she had the previous week. She had broken out with these little rashes all over here and there that looked like bug bites but I guess they were basically pox. She had a fever at that time too and we found out she is 21 lbs! Pretty petite.
Friday was much better. She was feeling better and the time had finally come for the 3 days Labor day weekend! We did a HOdge Podge of things for labor day.
Friday..I have no pictures but I ended up hanging out a Sean's place playing Rockband all night. Ally and toni came over too. It was pretty fun...we are practicing for the Beatles Rockband that he is going to get at the end of this week.

Saturday was a wash. We wwre on our way to a birthday party for Chloe and I had to stop off at the store really quick and my car died in the parking lot. The battery was complelety dead. So Toni came and picked up the kids and myself while Gabe waited for my dad to come and get a new battery installed in my car. By this time we totally missed the party andjust went home. I had Gabe go and buy me Guitar Hero World tour which is like Rockband but for Playstation 2 and later that night we invited friends over and had some chips and dips and beers and had a Guitar Hero party. We all took turns singing,playing drums and Guitar. I really need to get a bass though for the game. It was soooo much fun!!..I didn't get pictures either Sat night..which is a bummer cause I am sure I could have gotten some pretty funny ones in.

Sunday we took the kids to Wild Rivers. It was the perfect day for a water Park. First we went to the Lazy river and hung out then let Ava and Parker play in the little kiddie water park area. We then went to our little grassy part of the park to have our picnic. That's when I decided to get my camera out.
Parker and Ava before we went in the water.
Picnic time. Ava was eating a peanut butter and Jelyl sandwhich and we had some carrots,nectorines,animals crakers, chips and soda.
I think all that playing in the water made her very hungry.
She had fun playing in the big intertube..
Parker and her both!
Splashing around
Gabe then took her on this slide on his lap
BIG SPLASH AT THE END>>>Totally went right over her head
The End result!!
We watched Parker go on some slides for awhile while we sat out in the sun
Parker was having a good ol time
Going backwards
We put Ava on the swings for awhile she liked it alot
Parker had to have some Dippin Dots...and Ava really wanted his draw string to his swim trunks
Time to head out..but one more picture
It was fun..next time though the kids will get a sitter so I can go on some water slides!!
When we got home we pretty much crashed out for the rest of the night..we were pretty tired.
Monday for Labor day we started the day out to go to Disneyland and DCA just to hit up grizzly rapids then we were going to go home and BBQ. We did make it to the grizzly rapids. Just me and Gabe and Parker went. My mom stayed home with Ava.
Pre Soaked picture
After grizzly rapids we went over to Indiana Jones

After that we went home to BBQ. It was pretty fun and I can't believe I didn't take pictures!!

Ally came over and brought beer and Sausages. My mom made some sides and I made chicken kabobs. We had tons of beer and wine and later Toni and My brother and his gf and my dad came over as well to Join my mom and me and the rest. We then got into playing some more Guitar Hero World tour...we named our band LIPSTICK KILL..Good times..all in all it was a pretty nice weekend..but much to fast!

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