Thursday, July 30, 2009

Off to Far away Places....

So I been looking up some travel packages looking for some short family vacation we can go on before the end of summer. We are planning a beach camping trip that Gabe has been looking up places to reserve but everything is looking booked up. Gabe and I also been talking about Hawaii going in February instead of our usual Vegas trip. Another place we want to go this fall is Paso Robles. I been seriously dying to go there for wine tasting. My favorite wines are Cabernet's and I find that every Cab I have from Paso Robles is so delicious!! I love to go to Solvang around Christmas time too. Anyway, Gabe and I were considering going to San Francisco this weekend for Kings Classic Scooter Rally. This will be our 10 year anniversary as a couple (not married). Can you believe it 10 years! I could not go though because my boss is on vacation so I am here looking over the fort.

With all this travel planning not to mention my trips I am going to have to do for work I been thinking about getting new luggage and thought I kinda like my paul frank luggage but what I really need to get is luggage for the kids. Look at this cute bag for AVA!! I love it but it is in Germany!! and very pricey..Damn it...I will hunt some more.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A toast to boy's night

Today Parker's Cousins came over and spent the day with him. Unfortunately my camera is dead so I could not take any pictures. Anyway while Gabe was at work I was stuck home with a household of boys so my buddy Ally came over to keep me company. When Gabe came home all the boys went outside to make smore's. I used to love smore's but now I am not a huge fan. I love the marshmallow's still though. We are looking forward to our end of the summer camping trip for more out door cooking and more smores to come!

Monday, July 27, 2009


The other day I opened my door and found Shaggy lying on the front porch like a dead carcass.

Gabe had to get props...
He said Now that's a picture!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good times at The HENRY:S

I have no pictures from yesterday because my camera went missing so I am pretty bummed about this awesome time we had and no pictures to show for it.

Anyways we had tons of food and wine, music and swimming, good company and Lot's of laughs.

WE ended the night by making 4 teams of two's and played Seinfeld Scene it which I said Gabe and I were gonna win...and of course we did!! I have to play that game again soon.

Earlier in the day before going to John and Kirsten's, Parker had another successful day at Riding lessons. Gabe took pictures on his cell I will post up soon. I hopefully can get some copies of all the pictures Kirsten and Ally took as well.

Ok back to nursing my major hangover...NO MORE ALCOHOL for me ...well until next Friday for Ladies' Beauty night!~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Showing Last Night...

Last night Gabe and I went to the Oc Fair Pacific Amphitheater to see X. I have seen them play many times and every time they are great! Exene the lead of the band has recently been diagnosed with MS so after this US Tour we don't know how her health will be for future shows so we definitely took advantage of seeing her last night. We had pretty great seats in the front on the third level right almost in the middle.

Gabe and I were hanign out in the front while the opening band played (THEY SUCKED) and drank some beer and wine.

Exene in full fury..she reminds me of Holly Moro so much. I texted Holly and told her she should lead a punk band.
This is how close good we could see the stage from where we were sitting..not too shabby huh
Would have been better if I did not forget my glasses!!!
Self shot of Gabe and I at the concert
Gabe's sister Cindy and her husband Steve were also at the concert. We met up with them for a little bit before x went on and met up with them afterwards.

After the concert was over Gabe's sister and hubby left and Gabe and I sat down and ate a fried artichoke sandwhich and just so happen to be sitting while this guy did this skit which I seen passed around for about a year over and over through web mail..I was so HAPPY to see this live..It brought a tear to my eye!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My new favorite Subscription

So due to all the hype I hear about it and how almost everyone I know swears by it I finally subscribed to NetFlix and you know what....I LOVE IT!!!

On Monday I got my first movie ..ROLE MODELS and Tuesday night Sean,Gabe and I watched it and had some wine. That movie was SO funny I loved it.

I sent it back the next day and Today my 2nd movie is coming which I picked out Nick and Nora's Infinite playlist..we will see how that goes. I will probably watch it on Sunday or Monday since I have plans for tonight and Saturday is going to be a busy day as well...Anyways..if you do not have NetFlix do yourself a favor and get's DA BOMB.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seashells and Cupcakes

That's gonna be the theme for Ava's first Birthday I think

On Monday Ally came over to help me get started on Ava's Birthday Party Planning. We were both pretty exhausted though and got caught up on our Monday night program that we never miss on Mondays. We were able to come up with a few ideas like stuff to do for the menu.

I feel so behind on my planning. It is less than a month away now!! At least we got a theme ..

Ava and the Otter POP

So every summer is my time to indulge in the sweet icy treats we all know and love OTTER POPS!!! So my freezer is stocked up and every night I treat myself to a few pops and every time I eat them Ava always gives me these begging puppy dog eyes for some. Well I didn't know how she would react to them..take a look and see for yourself...

Either too sweet or too cold...My guess is too cold
Looks like she is kinda starting to like it after the second taste.

Does she dare try more??

Let's give it another try

I think these may be funner to play with than to eat

The B52's!!

We first went in and walked through the carnival of Products to hunt down some sunglasses for Gabe. We just so happened to walk right into the wine tasting area where we did a little wine tasting.
We met up with Ally and watch the 3-d Weird Al thing there which was funny and moseyed over to check out the farm animals. which were pretty much cows and goats and sheep OH MY!!!
Gabe had a lot of fun letting the female turkeys peck at his hand..he was doing the same thing with the goats too. He got one of them to start head butt'n his knuckles.
We meet up with Toni and Donna and had some food and beers then walked down to go in the concert where Gabe and I were another group of friends that we were going to be sitting with. I hate when I get pictures of me when I am in mid talk. I was telling Gabe to hurry and take the picture cause my camera was dying
The band was awesome..they sounded just like how they did since the 80's. I danced pretty much the entire time. This was the last picture I could get and my camera was done for.
That's Fred singing.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiki Cocktails for All...

Last Night was girls night on the town with my LA gal pals. We all went to Trader Vic's in LA.
The drinks were sweet and Tropical and Pretty Potent. I really Stumbled through my front door last night!. The cocktails started right off the bat. First drink I had was the Menehune Juice. It came with a little menehune guy that I got to take home with me.

Holly and I were starving and ordered some appetizers when we got there immediately. I had the Skewers that you cook over the open flame. It was SO good. Holly was really enjoying her food.

Maria took this picture of us cooking our skewers over the flame. The flames did not show up so well.

So Maria took the same picture again with the flash off..Much better. This is about how dim it really was in the bar.
After my Menehune juice it was time for a Potted Parrot and the Band also started. They were good. Like soft Jazz band playing some classic rock.
Ofcourse they had to come over to the table were all the loud girls were. Holly was having fun singing along.
He than played that Maria Santana Song for Maria. He also played Kool and The Gang "Ladies Night" for us gals. We were all imitating the Wedding Singer when Jon Lovitz was singing it. I was enjoying a CHI CHI at the time. It is almost like a dessert. All frothy and fruity served in an ice cold ceramic coconut.
Loryn and I ordered Later a Big Kahuna which was served in a Big Tiki Mug and it was on fire!! I think that one did it in for me but I had to have just one more Menehune but with a girl one. I think we all ended with menhune's and we made them all dance over the tiki candle that blazed about at our table.
So the night ends with some dancing at the tables, Laughter and fun and then it was time to head home. I crashed out as soon as I walked in my room almost completely fully dressed.

All I can say is I HAVE to go back to Trader Vic's. It is so much better than the Vegas one.

OK off now to cure my wicked hangover..MYHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's been awhile..

I has been a really busy week at work this week. We had the director of After sales from both our NY office and Italy in our office this week and been in multiple meetings through out the week. Then pretty much every night I have had someone over to visit. Starting Monday night my brother came by with the twins (that I rarely see) and so my mom and dad came over as well to visit with the babies. The kids had a tons of playing with toys.

Someone looks like they need a nap
Ava and Lexi

Here is a good shot with Grandpa sitting on the floor to watch all the kids play.
I gave a bowl of puffed rice and Cheerios for the kids to munch on..needless to say my floor consumed most of the cereal.

My mom used to babysit the twins alot and since she does not see them much anymore she brought over all the twins toys she kept at her house before they out grew them and AVA was having a blast with all these NEW toys but they didn't stay. My dad felt sorry for Ava cause she was a little disappointed all the new toys were gone so he came over the next day with a Brand new fun activity table for her that plays a bunch of songs and has a lot of lights. He also picked up for her 2 new Baby Einstein videos to add to her collection which is near complete.

Throughout the rest of the nights the following day Sean came over with a bottle of wine that we enjoyed and then we had some pizza and some laughs. Gabe's parents were over the following day and yesterday I went and took Holly her birthday present that finally came in the mail. It's been a Busy week. Tonight's the first night of relaxation and to get caught up on my blog.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

After horse riding lessons on Saturday we had made plans to go over to John and Kirsten's house for wine and Alaskan King Crab legs. Gabe and I provided the Vino and John and Kirsten provided the food and pool!
First thing Parker did was jump in the pool. While the kids played Gabe and I and John and Kirsten sat around having conversation outside while we enjoyed a nice fruity wine spritzer Kirsten made. It was so refreshing with Citrus pieces sliced inside. than we moved on to the first of many of bottles of wine to be had.
The babies had a fun time playing together. Kelsey and Parker played pretty good together as well.
Kirsten brought out some raspberries and Ava was eager to have a taste but made the most sour face I ever seen. I wish I had a picture of it. Here she is eating a grape..she had to inspect it of course before it went in her mouth to make sure she was not going to get tricked into eating another sour berry.
Gabe and John in funny convo.
More pool time!!

At our 3rd bottle of wine Kirsten bought out a pre snack to the Crab legs that were soon to come after. Bacon wrapped Scallops loaded with butter. They were incredible. The crab legs and corn of the cobs were fantastic as well. My camera died so I could not get pictures of the rest of the evening but let's just say it was a wonderful afternoon with family and food and a lot of laughs...This is what summer is all about!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Horse'n Around

Yesterday was Parker's First riding lesson. He was pretty excited about it. His Horses name is Honey. She is a quarter Horse cross.He was doing really good but kinda had a meltdown and was crying in frustration almost his whole lesson. The instructor actually came up to Gabe and I and said he may not be ready yet for lessons.

Here is Parker getting ready to Mount
Here he is on his horse and Cheryl is instructor
First part if he lesson was how to hold the reins and control the horse. He kept holding the reins wrong and that is when he starting crying in frustration.
Some more riding.............
Here he made the horse walk in a circle. He could get the horse to stop and go too.

He had a pretty tough time but I am not gonna give up. I am going to take him again and have him try some more but if he has another meltdown I may just have to cancel lessons for him......