Monday, March 29, 2010

New Camera!

I am going to be doing a lot of blogging of my weekend today..sooo keep reading!

So I finally went and updated my camera. Now I just gotta learn how to use it.
Here are some tester shots of Ava.
She was scratched by one of my kitty's sat morning. She looks like she has little whiskers. There is one tiny scratch by her nostril too.
funny little girl

Friday Night Poker

Friday night Gabe and I went over to Chris and Holly's house to hang out. Gabe's parents baby sat the kids at our place which is only 4 doors down.

Chris BBQ's a NY Strip Steak Roast and some chicken. He also made some baked potatoes.
It was soo good

As you can see this dinner met Gabe's Approval
We had a few bottles of wine between us and played a few hours of Texas Hold Em Poker and listened to the sounds of the 60's on the radio.
Holly was winning right from the start
Gabe never really played poker before but soon He came up on all of us with a swoop
Chris was playing it cool the whole night
The last bottle of wine Holly busted out was this Pinot was pretty good
Poker playing..It was toward the end of the night guess who won.....
After I pretty much took all the chips it was soon time to leave..Chris was started falling asleep at the table
We had a fun time and really I need to start playing some more poker.

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Back to School

Yesterday was back to School Night at Parker's school

Anyways Gabe and I and the kids walked over to the school and they had a LOT going on.
The after school WRAP program was selling 1 dollar root beer floats, Francelli's was selling 5.00 spaghetti dinners and of course there was all kinds of soda's and bake goods sold by the PTA

Parker brought his razor scooter cause all his friends were going to bring theirs too and road around the playground
The class was finally opened and we got to check out Parker's desk, Talk to his teacher, and see his projects.
A project of his hanging on the wall
Parker showing us his animal report..most kids did lion's ,polar bears, turtles, dogs, rabbits...Parker's animal he did..a wasp.
Gabe had to leave right away to work so after we checked out the classroom we went to the school library and bought some books at the book fair. Parker bought a Poster with a jet fighter and air craft carrier,a Pokemon book, a Bad kitty chapter book and How to train your dragon.
The book fair became really crowded and insane we we hurried and got outta there.
I let Parker play for his friends a bit in the playground before walking home. There was a dj playing music outside and Parker asked me if he could go dance but he changed his mind..I wish he would have cause those would have been some funny pictures!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Need more Sleep

Since daylight savings had come upon us I just cannot adapt for some reason. They say that it usually takes 3 days before you can get caught up on the time change but I just can't do it.
I don't know if it is daylight savings causing this completely. I think it could be a mixture of things such as it has been super crazy at work, my bad eating habits, Ava having to sleep in my bed with me and being restless or that I been without my little fan that I usually fall asleep to now being broken and gone and not replaced as of yet.
I think it also be the fact that I have had so much on my mind to such as moving,getting rid of clutter,finances,my car being in and out of the shop,the crazy new neighbors that hang out on the streets all hours of the night and let their kids roam around the neighborhood without a care in the world and a constant worrying about my family and their well-being and those that will be moving away.
I just feel like there is going to be major changes coming soon in my life and hopefully it will all be positive.
Can my mind go on vacation now??

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Popsicles and Yogurt

Well this past weekend it was warm out on Saturday so we stocked up on some Popsicles for the kids.
Ava see's the Popsicles have come out of the freezer!! What a sweet tooth this baby has
She didn't quite know about this Lime flavor
She soon enough adapted to the sourness of it.
We only gave her a little piece
Then My mom took me Saturday to pick up my car from the shop and I had treated her out to Cherry on Top. I think she maybe hooked!
I got the tart and raspberry yogurt with mini gummi bears and yogurt chips and blackberries
and she got the tropical fruit yogurt with blueberries,strawberries,kiwi,granola and one little cookie.
I think we will be taking many trips to Cherry on Top this summer!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

Last night before Bed Ava was having fun putting Moncheechee to bed.

She had fun giving the monkey a bottle

Time for baby to go night night

A very tired Smile
I love her little hands
I kept catching Ava trying to drink from the little moncheechee bottle but I could never get a picture..It was a crack up!!

She then got really intrigued by the bow. Ava does not usually play with stuffed animals or dolls but something about that moncheechee last night had her in Awe for about a solid 30 minutes.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Giselle's Arabian Nights Party

The weekend started out great by first finding out Friday at work that I am getting a Bonus!!! The way the economy has been I was suspecting we would not get anything this year. I may invest in a new camera!

Later Friday evening Gabe and I had some cheese and crackers and Vino with Sean and Julia. It was a nice mellow quiet evening.

Saturday Night we had a 40th birthday celebration to attend for our friend Giselle. It was a Arabian nights them and it was such a blast. They had the backyard all decorated with Egyptian Poofs to sit on under lovely draped tents and beautiful lamps and candles. I loaned them by Hookah for the Party. It was a hit!

Gabe taking a puff of the hookah. We had Strawberry Kiwi tobacco in it. It was very tasty and smelled wonderful.
We had "hookah Condom" so everyone got their own tip and did not have to share
Josh, Shannon,Vickie and Holly at the party. There was lots of people to mingle with.
The Birthday Girl Giselle!
There was authentic Lebanese cuisine. The hummus was wonderful! There was also tons of vino.
Family under the tent relaxing
The Hookah section..It was really foggy that night so a lot of the pictures have this cloudy worked with the theme though
Then came the belly dancer
Giselle faces off...she certainly had done this before.
Time to get this party started!
And now for some snake charming
Us gals....
Gabe and Shannon and myself. I was refilling my vino! ( oh and yes this is Shannon Doherty)
She is super cool! I was surprised that she is the same height as me..She looks so much taller on TV.
We all kept ending up back by the hookah
Giselle and Franklin
Drinks,Chat and Hookah
We all went to sit by the fire for awhile. It was starting to get late. Time to wind down
We noticed we never sang happy birthday so At he end of the night we all sang happy birthday to Giselle
Gabe and I stayed a bit to help clean up after the party was over. I just love a good theme party and we got to take home with us a bunch of hummus and Cucumber Yogurt sauce which yesterday I made a bunch of Chicken Gyro's and used the sauce. It was incredible.