Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food Fun for Halloween

So since Halloween is on a Saturday this year and Parker found out his cousins were going to come over to trick o treat with him we decided to make a little party of it.
I bought all kinds of fun stuff for the kids to do. I am going to set up a big long table (from loan from the office here) and have a bunch of assorted items for the kids. I have these kits for each kid to make their own candy necklaces, Some pipe cleaner animal making kits, paints and a bunch of little pumpkins for them to paint faces on and I have some games such as Monster Bingo and Monster toss where you toss in little bags of candy into the monster mouth.

I am also going to have bobbing for apples set up outside for those who are not afraid of getting wet! I bought a bunch of prizes for the kids and treats to give them as well.

We are going Scary theme songs and have Halloween movies playing in the living room and I have a bunch of toddler toys for the babies to play with as well.

Anyway to ADD to the fun I am going to make a bunch of Spooky themed cocktails such as Black Cat Cosmos, Mummy mango margaritas,swamp zombie punch and others that I will have an assorted list set up behind our bar and make these special drinks on order.

I am also going to make a big steaming pot of meat and meatless chili along with a bunch of fun snacks..below are some of the items we will be serving

Deviled Eggs made to look like EYEBALLS
Mummy Hot Dog..mine will have spicy mustard eyes though
Candy /Carmel apples
Maybe these sliced Venus fly trap apples with peanut butter....
Quite possibly Spider Web Cupcakes
And my centerpiece will be a pumpkin but i my make antipasto skewers rather then fruit..or may not make one at all..
We will begin the festivities about 3 in the afternoon and once darkness falls all of us parents will take the little ones out trick o treating for a little bit while others that remain at the house continue the party and pass out candy to the kids. I got lots of cool items to pass out this year such as pop rocks,mini bags of candy corn,McDonald's coupons, stickers,Hershey bars and much much more. I just love Halloween. Everyone is welcome to join us!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dia De Los Muertos

Yesterday we went to the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Dia De Los Muertos at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It is noted as the Nation's Largest Day of the Dead Festival. Boy they are not kidding by the time we left there must have been well over 20,000 people there.

We got there about 4:30 in the afternoon. We were going in early to meet up with Josh and Vickie and Evie. When we walked in we were greeting with a man playing some eerie accordion music..it was very Tim Burton- esque..in fact the whole day was.
We walked along this Long path through the graveyard to get to the main grass field. Next time we will bring a whole set up with us. People had blankets and coolers and lawn chairs and parked on the grass to watch the bands and shows.
We stopped to get a couple of Margaritas and the kids a Churro then we sat and watched a few bands and people watched while we waited for Josh and Vickie to arrive. Ava meet a little boy her same age and they were running around playing. I am kinda bummed that I didn't get pictures of her in her little Mexican dress...I will on Nov first though.
We walked around a bit and stopped at a kids tent where Parker had a plaster skull he painted. It came out good. It was getting dark now and we walked to get some food and more margaritas..there was this little tiny girl dressed like a nun and she was So cute. A bunch of people were stopping to take pictures with her..I got this one but it came out really dark. You will have to click on the picture to see better..probably like all the rest of the night shots..I hope I get a new camera...
After we sat on the grass and ate of food the night fell we went to see all the Alters and the aroma of sage,incense,fresh flowers,candles begun to fill the air. We went to meet up with Greg and Maria at the Johnny Ramone grave site.
Here is a few alters I took pictures of...
Then the big Calaca's were out and got in a circle where everyone gathered and dance while others played wind instruments.
They did this right in front of the mausoleum where they had more Calacas displayed.
There was a TON of vendors that were selling awesome items.
This was a cool one.
This was Gabe and the kids watching the dancing Calacas..Ava was in such awe with everything!!
The whole entire cemetery was just loaded with Alters and music and people walking all over the place...I must have walked miles there.
Here was a alter tribute to fallen surfers..
and here was one for Vampira
Photo Op..Here is the Ellman family
And us the McCaffrey's
More alters...
and more
I really liked this one
This one was a tribute to a Patron who took care of abandon,relinquished and homeless animals..
Anyways as it got later it got more and more packed so we were headed out back to Greg and Maria's place for drinks and food. Maria made some awesome Mac and Cheese and some kick butt chili with pumpkin cornbread. We had such a great time yesterday. Next year I want to totally paint my face and dress up!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pa's Pumpkin Patch

This Past Sunday we took the kids to Pa's Pumpkin Patch. It is a really fun spot. It has a petting zoo, games, rides and tons and tons of pumpkins. This was Ava's first trip and she was just all smiles when she saw the place. She was banging on the pumpkins like drums and just laughing and running all over the place.
Parker had a lot of fun too.
We tried to see if Ava would pick out a little pumpkin but she just kept throwing them down like balls.
Parker went on quite a few rides.
We wanted to put Ava on something so this was the one..Parker didn't want to go on it but we told him he had to so that he can make sure Ava won't climb out.
The kids had fun playing in this Teepee that was there.
Kids just cannot get enough of Jumpers
We sat for some hot dog eating
I love this picture..I just wish it was more close up
Parker's Pumpkin Patch
Rows and Rows of Pumpkins.
Parker decided to play this ping pong ball game to see if you can win a gold fish..HE WON TWO!!
I think this is the pumpkin that should come home with us
Another fun family

An Italian Dinner

After our dealer meeting one of the VPs of our company as well as one of the managers from Italy were down visiting our office. Before Jane and Mario had to fly back on Friday Holly and I arranged to send them off with a night on the town..well at least Dinner.
Mario was here for 2 weeks and was missing home and was wanting some Italian cuisine so we decided to arrange for any of the other staff here to come out and meet us for dinner with their significant others.
We were able to get most of our staff to come out to Long Beach on their own dime to have a big dinner. Since this place is really close to my house Gabe and I rode our scooters there. I brought two very nice bottles of wine from my private stash for everyone to share. It was a very nice evening with good food,good wine and just a nice time hanging out with employees outside of work.

Pow Club Reunion

Last Saturday Gabe and I went out to a Pow Club Reunion gig. Pow Club was a old Scooter club back in the 80's. My boss even made it out! Anyway the event was held at the VINE BAR in Hollywood. Here are few of the scooters that made it out.Holly and Myself with our Boss Erik.
Gabe and Tony
A look who came out of the wood work..TERRY!!! I have not seen this guy since my wedding day 6 years ago!..Still the same ol Terry!! HARD MOD..I got to catch up to with Peter who I seem to see less and less these days as well.
Old Go Fast Boys...Erik and Bruce
The Untouchables played. They were good..got everyone dancing
Holly is the Life of the Party..as usual
Erik and His Rally
Me posing on Greg's bike..Look at all the pretty Lights and Mirrors
We had a GREAT TIME!!...now when is the next one???