Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where did all the Rum go??

So last night Gabe and I were gonna do our Margaritta Mondays at Acupulco since we had such a nice time last week. Well I was too lazy to get dressed , than dress the baby, than dress Parker and get everything ready so I was sitting on the couch and told Gabe why don't we order in tonight. I told him we can do our own margarritas at home and he suggested that we can order some of the deluxe nachos at the taco place on the corner. Well he was getting himself more comfortable I started looking through this vintage cocktail book and saw the Daiquiri recipe and said hmm Why don't we mix it up and make Daiquiri's tonight. So Gabe and Chris ventured out on their scooters to go buy the ingredients and than he made a Jerk Pork with Rice and veggies which came out really good and we had a daiquiri , than another, and another until the bottle was gone!
It has been quite a while since I had rum and after last night..I have to remember I am like a newbie at drinking again..I can't believe we finished the whole bottle..one thing nice Ava woke up at 4am for a changing and feeding and than went right to bed so at least we had more sleep than usual.

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Ally said...

Let me know when you wanna make another bottle disappear! :D