Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The youth nowadays

So we just arrived home from Back to School night for Parker. It is incredible the pace that kids are learning these days. On Monday Parker brought a book home about Squirrels and he had to read it and turn it in the next day. The book had words like incisors, and hibernate and just very informative detailed information all about squirrels that I don't think I even knew till I was in the 5th grade. He read them no problem. He even knew that a squirrels nest is called a Drey. WTH?? I had no idea. Anyway Back to school night brought back memories.
There was of course the visiting of the classroom and seeing his artworks posted on every wall, The outdoor bake sale of cookies and cupcakes and other delights. There was the good Ole Book fair in the library. Do you remember when you used to get those colorful book order papers to buy books and going to the book fairs in elementary. My family rarely could afford to buy me any of those books but boy how exciting it was when they would buy me them.
Parker than had to show us his tricks on the monkey bars and jungle gyms. He than wanted to make sure everyone got to meet Ava. It was funny going there and all the other Mothers saying "Oh you had the baby!!!". I thought to myself how funny it would have been if I went still looking pregnant and them thinking Damn she has been pregnant forever!! Is she ever gonna have that baby??
Anyways The youth nowadays and the advanced schooling makes you wonder the great things that will happen in the future.

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Ally said...

Awww! This must one of the fun parts about having kids! LOL...
Hey, in case you didn't here about it yet, check this out!

I wanna go too!!! Looks fun!

I didn't get to order very many of books from those awesome little flyers either...but MAN I was on pins and needles waiting for those books when I did get to order. It's kinda the same little high I get now when my Avon or Tupperware comes!!