Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Last Week ......

I just realized that this is my last week off and I go back to work on Saturday!! Well not really much of work I am going to be gone in Palm Springs for the annual dealer meeting and leaving Sat morning and won't be back til Tuesday!! I hope Gabe will be OK with watching Parker and Ava on his own.

I really can't wait for this dealer meeting! My job booked me a nice room at the Hyatt Grand Champion Resort in Indian Wells. I know I am gonna have some good times hanging poolside with the dealers that I only see once a year but talk to every day!

Even though it is work it is like a little private vacation. I had a blast at the one last year in Scottsdale.

I already have my Massage planned at the Spa. I am excited...kinda of a bummer that I have to wear the Piaggio dress code of a jersey shirt and drab! Even for cocktail hour and the dinner (however I may slip away and wear a cocktail dress)
I am excited!! Holly said alot of the dealers are calling asking about when I am coming back and she let them know that I was going to be at the Dealer Conferance..I know I have quite a few drinks being bought for me..

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