Saturday, September 20, 2008

The meeting of the BFF's

Last night we went to Josh and Vickies for dinner and to show Ava to everyone.
The usualy suspects were there..Greg and Maria, Burns and Loryn, Giselle and Franklin. It was a very nice night by the fire and we all enjoyed Pizza,Pasta and wine.
It was so great finally getting Evie and Ava together considering all the pregnant times me and Vickie shared together and talking about how close the girls will be.

Parker had a great time too playing Uno with Loryn and liked the board game Josh gave him and playing Josh arcade shooting game.

It was kinda surreal last night. Usually when us group of friends get together it is Wild nights of boozing and staying up to 6am in a drunken haze. Now it was different. Giselle and Franklin have little Colette there, and Josh and Vickie with Evie and us with Parker and Ava.

I know there will be some nights to get away from the kids and paint the town Red when the Rally trips come around but last night was really a great time.

I am so happy too that my husband let me sleep in til 11am this morning..MUCH NEEDED REST!

I will post pictures of the meeting of the BFF's once my damn cord comes in!

Anyways..My hair smells like camp fire from last nights telling tales around the fire pit.

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