Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another day..

Well I am sitting here sweatin' like a hostage. It is so hot tonight.

Anyways The photographer came today to take pictures of Ava but that didn't work out too well. She was in a deep sleep when he showed up. We tried to wake her and she just got way to grumpy so the photograher didn't want to stress her out so he said he will go ahead and just come back another time. Anyway I took some quickie pictures with my camera of her while we were waiting. I just love this dress she is wearing. Anyway what is nice about him coming back later he said he would do a family photo on a Saturday of my choice so now I can get all of us prepared for it.

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Ally said...

She is such a pretty baby. I can't believe all that hair! I can't wait for the holidays! Baby central at the McCaffrey's!