Friday, September 26, 2008

So much to do so little time..

Well tomorrow Holly and I are heading up to good ol Palm Springs. We have to be at the resort by 9am she told me last night. I guess we decided we are going to leave at 6:30am. I am so glad we only live 5 houses away and she now works with me!! I am really excited. I have sooo much to do today though.
First of all I gotta pack. I gotta pack for 4 days and 3 nights ( guess I won't be posting for awhile)
I gotta go shopping for Khaki Pants and shoes and I gotta buy some new Make Up at the Benefit counter, and I gotta get a pedicure and waxing and than flat iron my hair. Luckily I dyed it yesterday cause I don't know how I would have fit that in...I gotta do all these and keep in mind that I will have Ava to handle as well. I am gonna bleach my teeth tonight and pluck my eyebrows and exfoliate.
I thankfully did my laundry already.
By the time I am done with all this I will be in Palm Springs.

I am kinda bummed though cause we were suppose to go to Knott's Scary Farm with the "usual suspects" ( Josh, Vickie, Greg, Maria, Burns and Loryn) as we do every year but I completely forgot I had my business trip to attend so we will just have to wait til Oct 10th when we all go to Shipwrecked together before Mike Burns big Roast at the Queen Mary on Saturday ( that is going to be epic)

Well I suppose I should get dress now to run my errands while Ava is napping. Lord knows I can't do it when she is awake.

See you all on Wednesday! Holly and I will be heading back to Long Beach after the Piaggio Staff Dinner thing Tuesday night.

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