Monday, August 31, 2009

Hot Weekend..water fun..

My computer has been on the fritz so I have not been able to blog all weekend. I am home today with a end of the summer bug (fever,stuffiness,achy body) and now trying to eat something so I figure I would post up some of my weekend.
It was I swear the hottest weekend of the year! So we filled up Parker's blow up pool Friday after and lounged in it all day Saturday.

I put Ava in the pool while I filled it up. She was having so much fun crawling around it.
All she wanted to do was splash and try to taste the water as she played. It was funny cause she would close her eyes really tight and just stick out her tongue.

funny girl
More tasting

Saturday was her first official day of walking too!! She had fun walking in the pool. It was so relaxing Gabe and I and the kids must have stayed in there for 3 hours listening to music and drinking Blue moon ale.

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tbahe said...

I love these pictures of Ava!! They're so real!!