Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Adelaide Inn- Paso Robles CA

In Paso we stayed over night at the Adelaide Inn and what a charming little hotel. The people when we checked in were very friendly. They gave us a bunch of Comp coupons for wine tastings and also gave us a good recommendation for our dinner plans and Had fresh cookies baked that was offered to all the guest. We checked out Sunday morning but before checking out we made some coffee in our room and walked over to the front desk where they were selling papers and had fresh fruit, Muffins and Scones laid out. I got a lemon poppy seed muffin and it was great!

This hotel is very reminiscent of the old Mid Century Palm Springs hotels. There was water fountains, and chimes,and ferns and windmills and other garden trinkets sprawled about the whole complex. I had to take some pictures when we checked out.

a few of the bigger old trees had these faces on them
Kinda made me feel like I was in the Tiki Room at Disneyland
The foliage was extraordinary.
Their Pool area was so 1950's. They had old lounge chairs, and the old plastic teal and white two tone umbrella tables and the pool was lined with Palms.
Some friends are making plans to go to Paso in January and Gabe and I are going to stay at this place again. It was so cheap, right next to the highway, 3 minutes away from downtown Paso and surrounded by restaurants and stores. I am looking forward to going back.


John and Kirsten said...

Funny, I dont remember seeing the tree faces! but it was a pretty nice place to stay. The coffee I made in our room was horrible!! LOL.

Iris said...

Yeah..I don't think there really is any GOOD coffee in a motel room.