Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pre-Birthday Tiki Celebration

This Past Saturday Loryn and I decided it would be fun to have Cocktails at Don the Beachcomber's for a little pre birthday celebrating. Our birthdays are both on November 18th.
Since we LOOOOVE tiki we thought why not check out Don's. None of us had been there (I got married there when it was Sam's and I had dinner there when it was Kona's so why not cocktails!)
Since it was a very last minute decision we thought we would just post up that the two of us and our other half's were going for happy hour and anyone who wanted to come join us we will see ya there.
Well some of our friends met us there and it was tiki drink after tiki drink the whole night long.

This is the drink I loved! It is called the painkiller. It was like a CHI CHI. Coconut drink. very good!
It was a favorite of everyone!
Gabe got the Navy Grog..the guys always get the grog...I hear it was not too good.
Besides happy hour cocktails we got happy hour appetizers..food was awesome!
The guys hanging at the booth
Time for presents..it was very nice that our friends got us gifts which I was totally not expecting.. Loryn got a bottle of booze, and a compact and lipstick holder set and Arnold got her a Vogue Magazine with a gift card to Macy's
I got a few nice gifts too.
Ally got me a Wine Decanter set with glasses and a bag of bubble baths and lip balms
Thelma got me a Betsy Johnson Leopard printed jeweled watch
and Arnold got me a Wine & Spirits magazine with a gift card to Bevmo..Awesome gift
and Monica got me some really nice pearl polish with pearl frost eye make up.
I can't forget the dress to That Holly got me that she ordered from France. I cannot WAIT to wear it!
Time for more cocktails
Umm yeahhh...maybe by this time I should have been cut off....This started off as a joke then ofcourse the guys were like do it again do it again
Holly giving Michael a lesson..this is him shedding a tear over it
My Gals!!
Cheers~~ This was the one that set Michael over the edge..
I look pretty wiped out
Awe..Thelma my buddy!!
Ahh yes one of the many classic Michael Burns ( I'm really waisted) faces. I think at this point we let him sleep in the car.
My exotica Photo
Ally was able to hold her whole rum barrel in her shirt!
After awhile Loryn, Ally , Gabe and I went to check out the Hidden Village (where we got married at) and it was Dim and exotic tiki music was playing so we decided to do a photo shoot in there..I have a ton of pictures but I choose this one cause Gabe was like Raise your arms up and to me it looks like were in a canoe going down a waterfall or something.
HAHAHAHA ...all three of us gals posed with this tiki but I think Loryn's came out the best!
This really kick ass Surf band played and they played all the Surf hits..there was a lot of moments where we felt like we were in the movie Pulp Fiction. Chris was digging it..He was Air surfing quite a bit
Well the band was over and we had been at Don's since 4pm and it was about 12am so I think it is time to call it a night..After Saturday night us gals decided yep Don's is going to be our new happy hour hang out!

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