Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paso Robles..Day One

This past weekend I had a job to do for work and I thought since I was driving out north why not take a Whim trip to Paso Robles and that is just what we did. I called up Kirsten and John to see if they wanted to do a whim trip and they were in as well.

The first place we stopped at was Eberle. It was really beautiful out there. We decided to do the Cave tour so we got to take our glass of wine outside and we listen to the tour guide explain their process of wine making.
We went down into the caves where they store their wine barrels to keep them cool. Parker had fun going down in the caves.
In the caves they had these private rooms. They had one smaller room with a large table in it and you can have a small group go and do a tasting for 25.00 a piece. This other room they had had a few different tables in it so you can have a reception or luncheon. You must have at least 20 people to book this room. They do wine dinners also which the tour guide was saying they will fly in a famous chef to cook a 5 course dinner and you can have all the wine you can drink. This room was awesome!
In the walls were little deep set areas with their wine displayed like pictured below.
Every year at Eberle during harvest they have a themed party. This past year was a PUNK ROCK theme and out on their grounds they had this Punk Rock truck displayed.

Gabe and I in front of Eberle
After we left Eberle we stopped at our hotel room room to check in then drove out to Halter Ranch. There are 200 vineyards in Paso Robles and it is very woodsy out there. We had to drive this winding road through trees and wildlife. I loved it.
We did some wine tasting at Halter Ranch and also had a picnic on their premises. It was very beautiful. It was a nice place for the kids to roam around as well. Kelsey was walking around exploring with Ava.
Ava had so much fun playing with all the leaves.She really liked stomping on them all.
What are you getting into Ava??
She really enjoyed walking in the gravel too.
They had a really nice wooden bridge. Kirsten was racing the kids back to the car. She was the rotten egg.
After Halter Ranch we went to Justin for some tasting and they were really crowded and so afterwards we went back to the hotel room but first we had to stop at Martin & Weyrich where they make this really great Moscato Allegro. Kirsten and I posing in front of all the ribbons.
Family Photo.

After Martin & Weyrich we went to change clothes at our hotel and then we all went out for a fancy steak dinner at the Paso Robles Inn. The kids were really getting fussy so we finished dinner as quickly as possible then it was back to the room for a good nights rest and a new day on Sunday.

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