Monday, November 16, 2009

Preview to Wine

Last Friday Gabe and I had plans with Sean and Julia to have some cheeses and wines and we had Chris and Holly and Toni come over as well. It was a little preview to what my wine pairing party on December 5th will be like...boy we had a BLAST!!

On the menu was~Julia and Sean brought over a tray of cheeses,little toasts,sun died tomato pesto, Vinegar and oil, crackers, salami's and berries.

Gabe made Poached pears, caprese, smoked salmon on toast with sour cream, raspberries over mini chocolate cakes

and Holly brought over a cheesecake.

On the menu for wine we had Moscato,rose,pinot Grigio, A Moscato Blend, Grenache,3 different Cabs, a Pinot noir, raspberry dessert wine and a port. Needless to say I think everyone had quite the wine buzz going on..I know Gabe and I both had quite a wine hangover the next day!
Now I know how to brace myself for the party.

The Gals~~
The Guys~~
Gabe Poaching pears..they were delicious!
Yeah at some point we were making faces..we were trying to get Sean to learn and do it ..Toni helped him.
Man...I don't even remember this picture...I think Sean or Toni may have taken this.
Toni and Julia
Chris and Gabe
Sean and his Girlfriend Julia
Umm yeah I was 3 sheets to the wind in this photo
It was such a great time...the things I learned what to do for the party.
1. Have a glass of water with each glass
2. Smaller Portions
3. slowing down
4. Be choosy...I don't have to TRY them ALL.

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