Monday, November 23, 2009

The Road to Health

Ever since my co worker Josh brought in his Jack LaLanne power juicer I have been hooked on wanting to get a power Juicer. WELL..for my birthday my dad pitched in with me and I bought the Jack Lalanne power juicer. I got it on my birthday and been juicing ever since. (this thing is not cheap!!)

Friday night I made a Vegetable juice for Gabe and a apple and pear juice for Parker and Ava. Ava's I diluted it with water cause it might be too heavy on her little stomach. I made myself a carrot,apple and ginger juice.

The benefits I have seen so far from having this juicer is My digestive tract has been awesome, I feel a curb in my appetite when I juice in between meals and I have tons of energy and feel overall fantastic!

Yesterday my Mom and Dad and Brother and his GF came over and I had a little juice party.

I made them the carrot apple and ginger juice.
Then I made a mango,papaya,pineapple and orange juice which was a little pulpy so I put the juice in a blender full of ice and made smoothies and they were awesome!

I then ofcourse had to make another vegetable juice. It had all kinds of veggies in it such as carrots,tomatoes,spinach,beets,celery,cucumbers.little piece of garlic,little piece of lime,tiny bit of green onion and half of a bell pepper. When I was done making the juice I added just a little pinch of salt and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and it was DELISH!

My mom took the remaining pulp from the vegetable juice I made and is making a face mask with it. There is so much you can do with the pulp! We saved some of the veggie pulp and Gabe is going to added it to some eggs and make a veggie omelet with some melted cheese.

You can do some much with the pulp...add it to eggs or meatloaf, make sorbet, add it to plain yogurt, add a little strawberry pulp and juice to plain cream cheese for s tasty spread, add it to breads,pancakes,muffins, make soups..the list is endless.
Anyway..My Jack LaLanne juicer ROCKS!! Best birthday present!

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