Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do I dare??

go out and do Black Friday shopping?? See if I had a small family to shop for never in a million years would I imagine going out in the crack ass of dawn to fight off the crowds for a couple of bucks..well...the family is expanding and with all the new cousins,and nieces and nephews and spouses..the family is a big one. Let see I have 15 kids to shop for and 10 adults. ( In Gabe's family cause it is SO BIG everyone usually just shops for the kids)
Last year I did my first black Friday shopping and met up with my brother at Toys r Us at 4am and already the line was all the way around the building and down the block. We waited for about 40 minutes and I sent my brother to hunt down a shopping cart since they were limited. Once we got in it was a complete madhouse!! My shopping cart was SO full I could not see where I was going so I had my brother steer the front while I steered the back. It was great though cause I got all the kids gifts knocked out in one shopping trip.
I been thinking about doing it again but checked out the black Friday website and there are a few places I want to go..The toys r us deals are not as good as last years but Old Navy has some pretty great deals going on so it looks like I will be spending black Friday there this year.

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