Monday, November 9, 2009

Juicing it up at Work

Last week it was on of our co workers birthday and for his Birthday his Girlfriend sent him one of those Edible Arrangements. For those of you that don't know what they are..they are like a big flower arrangement basket but instead of real flowers it is cut up pieces of Fruit made to look like a flower arrangement. Anyway, It was really good we all had some but there was just so much to Eat so Josh the next day brought in his Jack LaLanne Juicer and juiced it up.

all we really had left over was Melons and a couple of apples to juice up was very melon-y

During the lunch hour Josh went to Growers Direct out here in Costa Mesa and bought some more fruit. He bought some more apples,some carrots and ginger. Sean was playing with the carrots wayyy to much.
We were all cracking jokes about Sean playing with the carrots and I got Josh in mid laugh
The juice was soo good. I had a big cup of it and after awhile I felt Great. I just felt healthy and more energized.
Josh said he has used some of the pulp from apples and made muffins with it.

I am so sold on getting one of these juicers...something to add to my xmas list!!


Eatiing Raw Foods Info said...

It sounds like you had a great treat! I love juicing - we use our juicer multiple times every day.

We mainly juice carrots and some greens and celery/apples. Yum!

Iris said...

I just loved it!