Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween..let the party begin

So for Halloween we had the family over. Gabe has a pretty good size family and we invitedsome of his brothers that also have children over to bring the kids trick o treating with us. The past few years they have all trick o treated with us before. Parker wanted to have a Halloween party for his cousins so i went ahead and made it into a party for the family and neighborhood friends. My family was also there to celebrate. Ofcourse being that it was Halloween everyone had to dress up.

Here is my brother, his girlfriend and my brothers friend Scott. I think the kids were pretty scared of these clowns.
Sean was Groucho Marx..pretty funny
James and Parker the two cowboys
Ally,Andy and my mom
after drinks and food nightfall came and all the parents got together to take the kids trick o treating. We had a group of 17!! The kids had fun but tired up quickly.
My brother was only able to get the twins to trick o treat for a block and they were done..they did not want to ride in the wagon or walk.
AVA had a BLAST! I couln't get any pictures of her looking at the camera but my dad got some good ones. I will get copies from him in her costume for my scrapbook. Eveyone just loved the little lady bug and calling all their friends to the door to see her. She mainly wanted to just go into everyones houses. We let her walk with the kids down the street and she was just laughing so hard and running and dancing.
It was time to go back home the kids were tired and so they all went to play in the house and the adults carried on with the party. Here is Gabe,Scott, John and Alex.
After awhile Alex could not stand the itchiness of his mask anymore and began to peel it off.
Time for bobbing apples..the kids loved this. Gavin tried for a looong time to get one. He finally did with a little help from dad.
Ofcourse Dad demonstrated how to get one.
Julian got one pretty fast too.
Kelsey did it the easy way she just scooped one up with her hand and put it in her mouth...All the kids got special prizes for apple bobbing.
We stayed up pretty late drinking and playing games around the table was fun..he are some random shots .
Jessica and I were doing our captain Morgan Poses. ( I was wearing my old faithful Musketeer outfit I wore two years Viking costume I was gonna wear this year got lost!)
Gabe bought dried ice and the kids were having fun playing around it..They started adding stuff to the water and dry ice and stirring it around like a witches brew. When I looked into what they were putting in the cauldron there was a bunch of Parker's trick o treat candy, a old battery, some dirt, and god knows what else.
I think at this point everyone was talking about all the stars that were out that night.
Just hanging around ..I think it was about 2am at this point.
All in all it was a pretty good night. I made Two big pots of Handmade chili One meat one veggie and nothing was left over, The mummy dogs were a big hit, Toni's deviled egg eyeballs were a big hit everything was eaten up. No one got hurt, no big tantrum, just the right amount of trick o treaters showed up. I had barely any candy left over. It was a really fun Halloween. One thing though is ..I will probably not have a party anytime much to do and buy and prepare for then clean up afterwards..forgetaboutit!

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