Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sculptera- Paso Day 2

On the second day in Paso we checked out of our rooms about 10:30am and then it was on the road. We stopped by a couple of vineyards. First stop was Firestone which was pretty good and then Gabe and I had to find Sculptera. We had Sculptera before and remember it to be very very good. Anyway it was a rather beaten path to find this vineyard but we did.

This was turning into the vineyard and driving up to their tasting room.
Parker said the grapes looked like Blueberries.
They had a beautiful facility with outdoor tables and tons of very fancy Sculptures. While we did tasting inside Parker went out to the front to Take pictures of some of the sculptures.
This vineyard also has huge acres of Pistachio trees and they offer those at the wine tasting counter. We also did after the wine tasting vinegar tasting. We bought some raspberry and basil vinegar.
Here was the main Sculpture. It is also on the label of their wine..which we loved and became wine club members.
This one is my favorite as well.
I think this was some sort of dragon..
Lots of big cats
Parker liked the big elephant
There were all kinds of Hawks flying around. It was a beautiful day.
Our newest Wine club addition.
This mermaid is awesome. It is so great too that you can sit under the trees and have a bottle of wine on their very artful premises.
When we were leaving the vineyard our next plan was to head out towards Solvang to take the Kiddo's Apple picking but on the highway Kirsten called ahead of time and they were closed for the season cause all the apples had been picked. So we went to Los Olivos for a little bit to walk around town and then to Solvang where Kirsten went to pick up her wine shipment. Gabe and I picked up a couple wines and cheeses in Solvang then it was off to home sweet home.

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

You guys are always taking trips! Im jealous. Ava's looking more and more like Gabe. Guess you need to have another so she will look like you =)