Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ally's Puka Party

Friday night we celebrated Ally's birthday at The Puka Bar in Long Beach.

What's a better way in celebrating then with Mai Tai's and Cupcakes.
I made these fresh for the Birthday Kids..which was Ally and my uncle John was there too and his birthday is the same day too.
Ally opening gifts
Ally showing off her gifts from me..I bought her a really sparkly bracelet,necklace and cocktail ring.
All of us enjoying Mai Tai's..after the first one I think we were all feeling pretty good...
So I decided..hmmm Let me pass around the camera and do funny self portraits..
Here is mine
Arnold refused to participate so I just took a picture of him LOL
Toni's...I think she is a pro at self portraits
Holly..giving the thumbs up!!
After having fun with the self portraits we continued with a couple more drinks before ending the night

It was great we started the night early cause for awhile we had the whole bar to ourselves. After awhile it started filling up so we were out. Ally carpooled with me and of course we had to stop for fast food on the way home. It was a good night.

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