Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A cheshire Cat Smile

So I am in the process of having all my teeth fixed. This coming Saturday is my next series of fittings for my new chompers. It has been a long awaited time but I will be so happy to be able to smile without any missing teeth showing. It has been really hard these days considering I have two major teeth missing. It looks like I had vampire fangs removed. What a awful journey it has been without those teeth. I talk like sylvester the cat,I cannot bite into foods and my gums are extremely sensitive.
After Saturday's appointment I have two more to go to then I will get my bridge. I just hope I get them before my Vegas vacation at the end of this month.
Well at least the hard part is over (having teeth pulled and bone graphs done).

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Thelma said...

Man I feel ya. I had a lot of dental work done as a kid. It was hell. Now I am really trying to take good care of my teeth. Which reminds me I need a cleaning bad.