Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An Evening Out

After our long day out with Parker for his Birthday it was time for Gabe and I to celebrate our Valentine's day. Gabe had made dinner reservations at the fabulous Dal Rae restaurant.

The had a great Piano bar performer going on in the lounge so we decided to have a martini before dinner.
We brought a nice bottle of wine from one of the many wine clubs we belong too and had a very lovely dinner. I had a Salmon Oscar (which means grilled salmon with crab meat,asparagus and Bernese sauce) and Gabe has the Steak Diane. We didn't order dessert cause at home I had a nice basket of strawberries and whip cream and also some assorted cheeses and meat at home with Champagne for our dessert so it was back to home we go.
Lounging outside while we waited for the Valet to bring our car
This is just really the most classic restaurant ever! I feel like when I walk in the Rat Pack is going to be dining in that corner booth. While Gabe and I were sitting in the Piano bar having a cocktail we were asking ourselves why don't we stop by the place more we made an agreement to spend more time at the Dal Rae.

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Thelma said...

Nice, I'd like to have dinner there one day.