Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Play date for Parents and Kids

After a busy day of finishing up Parker's birthday party plans we made plans to go up to Josh and Vickie's house in Eagle Rock. We dropped Parker off at Gabe's brother's house to stay the night with his cousins cause we knew he would probably get bored there since it was just going to be babies. After we dropped Parker off Gabe myself and Ava headed up.

Evie and Ava had so much fun playing with each other and laughing.
Ava wanted to rock in the big chair
and Evie Rocked in her own special Evie rocking chair.
The girls tired out quickly and were soon to bed.
Us adults on the other hand had a few bottles of wine and ordered pizza and listen to music and talk. Gabe and I and Ava stayed the night. We had a wonderful time.
We left early the next morning and went to pick up Parker. We all decided to go to breakfast at Hof's Hut in Long Beach....The three boys. They look like they are Parker's brothers.

Parker always has the best time hanging out with his cousins.

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