Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh so Pretty ..Top 5 Perfumes!!

I am a avid user of perfume ( I wear it EVERYDAY). I usually wear a different one a couple times a week. I try to match my scent by my "look" that I am going for that day. Sometimes though I will wear a same one for a week straight.
I have been told by my husband that when I leave for work he will relax in the bedroom and will use my pillow or lay on my side of the bed cause he can smell me there still. It's funny but being a friend of a lot of guys it surprises me how certain perfumes remind them of past loves or a certain gal that was in their life at one point. Perfumes can really leave a presence of you even when your long gone.

I am quite picky about the scents that I use. There are several that I love and several that I despise and then there are ones that I like at first and after awhile I don't like it anymore and never finish the bottle. Those just usually collect dust until my mom (also a lover of perfumes) will come and rescue it from my bathroom counters.

Anyway these are my top 5 that I wear ...I am always on the hunt for a great new smell..

Above is the Beauty of Brazil (which I happen to be wearing now). It has this tropical almost coconut scent to it.
Euphoria has this spicy woody scent to it ..Gabe had one inscribe with my name on it before for my birthday.

Chaos I absolutely love and is probably my favorite. They stopped making it years ago and the only place you would be able to purchase it was on ebay for like 300.00 dollars and up!! They did re launch it not too long ago and I just barely found this out today!! I am soo making a trip to stock up.
Michel Kors perfume I believe is a favorite for a Lot of ladies. It is one of the most frequent perfumes I smell in public..but I can't blame every gal for loving it cause it is too one of my faves.
I think this is very popular with the fellas as well. All my guy friends adore it.

My newest love!! Love Rocks just came out at Victoria Secret and let me tell ya..It really does ROCK! It has this sweet seductive smell to it. I spritz a little on every night before bed! I been wearing this one alot too. Only downfall..when I wear it makes me crave cupcakes and Champagne!


Thelma said...

My ultimate favorite perfume is Blue from Dolce and Gabana. I wear it and I feel like it really suits me! I like certain smells according to my mood. I love the one you gave me Ooh LA LA! It smells so sexy!I also like Victorias Secret PINK.

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