Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Disneyland Trip..lots of pix

So here is another Disneyland home away from Home. I am using my annual pass at full force these past few months. anyway I had a serious stomach bug all day Friday and felt pretty much better on Saturday and we thought..hmm why not spend the day at Disneyland. It wouldn't cost us anything since we are passport holders and have the parking pass so off we were to The LAND!!!
We walked in to downtown Disney and rode the monorail into the park.
Great view from the monorail
Peering out the monorail window
The park was surprisingly empty for a Saturday so we went first on the Finding Nemo Submarine ride
This was probably the best trip to Disneyland for Ava ..she was so aware of everything around her
Scenes under the sea
After Nemo we went to autopia..Parker got to drive me and Gabe around.We went over to Fantasy land and hot up Peter Pan..Ava was in awe
The off to Pinocchio
The ride was broken down when we walked in but was back up in running in less then 5 minutes so we just walked right on.
Ava once again was in Awe
This was pretty much her face in EVERY RIDE
We had a blast on the Casey Jr. Train
I Think I can I think I can
By the fairy area...what a beautiful day it was
Parker always wants to climb in all the trees
It's a small world was Ava's favorite.
Too much stuff to see..when we exited the ride Ava kept looking back trying to see inside..she did not want it to end
Time for Alice in Wonderland..we usually never go on this ride cause the line is so long but we were inside in a mere 10 minutes
Gabe and Parker rode the tea cups and Ava and I rode a tea cup too..I didn't spin mine..only a couple times but Ava was clapping and laughing the whole ride...another favorite
Hubby and Kids in a Cup
Time for Pooh Bear!!
It started getting late and we were all finally getting tired..our final ride of the evening was Indiana I love that ride.
We did rider switch for this ride so Parker and I went on first then Gabe and Parker went on. While they went on the ride I walked with Ava to the store and Boy did she love the light spinning toys.
Looking at this face I think this was the highlight of the day!

I am sure we will be back again in the next couple of weeks.

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John and Kirsten said...

Its a small world is my favorite also. I have loved this since I was a litte girl and never loose the excitement when I visit it. Its great you guys get so much use out of your passes.