Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Lexi and Logan

It was a pretty mellow weekend for me. Friday night I stayed home with the kids while Gabe went to the Mason's lodge with his friends for some male bonding.

This Saturday we celebrated My Brother's Twins 2nd Birthday Party.
John and Kirsten had it at their house and rented a jumper.
As soon as the twins got their Lexi was ready to play..Logan looked like he just woke from a nap though and didn't know what to think.
Kirsten had a nice assortment of treats set up on the table
I made cupcakes for the party..Funfetti Vanilla and Funfetti Chocolate
It was straight off to the jump house for most of the kids. Ava had fun for a short while but rather explore outside then be in the jumper.
Lexi was having fun in the jumper
Ava wanted to go pick dandelions. she was trying to blow them but was not having too much luck
I thought I would give her a little lesson on dandelion blowing
It was a nice I enjoyed a nice glass of white wine that Kirsten opened up.
I think every dandelion in the yard was picked by Ava. Every time she would try and pull them up the little seeds would all blow away.
Ava and Johnny getting a wagon ride
Time to sing Happy birthday
Lexi loved her cupcake..I think she finished off Logan's too
Looks like the adults wanted to get some action in the jumper too..Gabe fell off to the side and got stuck.
Then after awhile Jessica fell off to the side and got stuck
My brother trying to make an escape
Logan and Johnny were having fun playing in the house
Then time for another late night wagon ride for the kiddies
And more bounce house for the bigger kiddies
We all went in the house and played a couple rounds of Family Feud on the Wii..What a fun Game! and Parker ...he was in this position pretty much the whole day...A gamer die hard.
It was a beautiful day and everyone had a wonderful time. It is so hard to believe that they are two years old already.
Sunday was a day of recovery and prep work for my Vegas Vacation this coming weekend!! I had to go shop for some items I needed to take and just relaxed and watched movies with the
family. We went to the swapmeet earlier in the day cause I was on the hunt for some vintage brooches ( I didn't find any but I found some nice vintage gloves to wear). I actually found a AWESOME retired Alice in Wonderland Dollie in the box for Ava. She loved it! that's a whole other blog...

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