Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Viva Las Vegas..

So this Thursday Gabe and I are Off to Las Vegas for the infamous Las Vegas High rollers Weekend Scooter rally. We been going to this rally ever since it started and only missed one which was because I was in Labor with Parker..9 years ago! Besides the rally we have a lot of other plans of different bars and lounges to check out .
Thursday we are going to the Liberace Piano Bar.
Friday Vickie and I have reservations for the Spa at The Golden Nugget where we are staying.Friday we also have dinner reservations for The Golden Steer and probably stop off some point in the weekend for some tiki drinks at Frankie's. All in all it's Vegas and who know where the day and night takes us...

I thought I would post up some Vegas photos from trips past.. This one was at The Mondo Atomic weekender..all things retro.
Another shot from Mondo Atomic
This was from Last Year's rally!! Love how you can walk around town with drinks in hand and see Elvis.
I think this one was from the Soul Weekender a few years back.
This is from a few years ago ofcourse another Vegas Rally.
I will be spending tonight and tomorrow planning out my wardrobe..I am sooo ready to go..Hurry Thursday morning and get here already!

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Thelma said...

Aw man you're gonna have loads of fun!