Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A day of Play

We spent the day pretty much at home just playing we the kids.

Ava was having so much fun while Gabe pushed her around on her Paul Frank ride on toy
she was giggling so loud
Hold on!!
She loves this toy!
After awhile we had went shopping for the rest of the goody bag supplies for Parker's birthday and while we were out we discovered these little Disney character figurines and bought them up.
Ava's ultimate favorite toy right now is this vintage Fisher price little people house.
She immediately knew what room each Disney figure was going to stand in
She can play with this doll house for hours.
When she is done eating and we take her out of her high chair she RUNS every time to play with her doll house

1 comment:

Thelma said...

Man I used to love that Fischer playhouse too!
Ava is so cute!