Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Vacation-Day 2-tons of photos

We woke about 7am Saturday morning. Friday night was a rough sleep. Next time I must remember..AIR MATTRESS!! I always find when camping the first night is the hardest!

I can't even imagine how poor Melissa felt. She was one of the adults that came on the camp trip too and she is 4 months pregnant and did not have a air mattress either! We had 3 camp spots all together booked for the group of us so everyone had a picnic table to set up their stoves to make breakfast. I made for us Corn Beef Hash and Eggs. It was good. Parker opted out though for cold cereal instead.

While us adults cooked the kids all played. It was great Ava and Johnny are close to the same age.

Kelsey was happy to see her school mate Daniel when she woke up in the morning. They did not show up to the campsite late Friday night after Kelsey was asleep already.

Parker kept climbing up the side which I had to keep telling him to come down..I guess it doesn't help when his dad and uncle and uncles friends are all climbing up there too..even though on top is a DANGER sign. Luckily it was not really that high.

After having breakfast it was time to get ready to head for a long relaxing day at the beach!

We all got changed, packed our beach gear and some snack got the kids loaded up in the jogger and wagons and off we went.

This is our group all walking on the way to the trail to the beach but first a stop for a potty break

The trail was pretty steep. This is the same one we went on the night before. It was easier to climb down in the day..when you can actually see!

Getting closer to the bottom. Still a quarter miles to go. What a beautiful day!

Once we all got to the sand everyone kind of went and did their own things.

Gabe was getting the leashes on the surfboards.

I found a nice spot to work on my tan. It was a hidden little corner so I could lay out in my bikini but not out in the open as I have still not lost the baby gut yet.

Ally came and joined me for a tan

Scott got suited up to head out and surf

John went off to do some metal detecting

I wanted to get a self portrait with me and the ocean in the background...little did I realize I had the zoom on.

Ava and Johnny were having fun playing with the sand toys

My brother was out with the kids playing in the ocean

Ava played in the water a little bit but was more entertained on the land.

Parker started digging a big hole and Ava wanted to watch soon all the kids were coming over and wanted to help as well

Ava lucked out and got no sunburn at all the whole weekend. she did get a good tan too...better then I did. This is Ava's sun maid raisins ad.

Parker sitting in his hole..nope not deep enough.

I love this picture of Johnny. I was calling it his Mr. February pose or his Frito's ad.

The guys taking a breather

Chad (Ann's husband) made a big tunnel that the little kids could climb through. Parker was a little big for it.

He got stuck a little and Gabe had to help him through


Time to destroy the tunnel and head back to camp for lunch

John found something here. I think it was a coin.

As I was heading back to make lunch Parker and Gabe stayed awhile more. Parker was burying Gabe in the sand.

Interesting little castle made in the sand by someone.

We got back to camp and started making some food. Everyone was winded by the long tortuous hike up hill. It was pretty hard going up steep hills hauling stuff back. I had to do the trip twice. Once with Ava in the jogger then I had my dad watch her while I went back down hill to help Gabe bring up the wagon while he carried his surfboard. What a work out. My uncle and I were both saying how this was like a Biggest loser episode.

Time for watermelon..ava's favorite!

The kids loved being with Ally. I had to get this picture of her surrounded by children eating messy watermelon and she was just sitting back enjoying a ice cold can of Simpler Times (trader Joe's beer)

After everyone was done eating and relaxing it was time for the 2nd Annual Scavenger Hunt!

The teams were a little different then from last year. We did Boys against girls. Kirsten held the fort down since she was the one who created the list. All the team leaders had to wear a alligator hat. My dad got to come with us girls since we were short one member.

One of the things on the list was for our team to take a group picture with a new friend. The couple in the back was our new friends. In the photo on my teamsfrom front left is little daniel, Ann, Melissa, the couple, Jessica and right front is Ally.
We also had to take a picture of the trail sign

and mountains.
At the end the gals all ended up winning. We all thought it would be funny to hide in a tent until the guys came back so when they would come back and see we weren't there they would think they would have won. After they got back we all jumped out of the tent and was like WOO HOO LOSERS!!!! It was pretty funny.
The rest of the night the kids all burnt out pretty quickly and the adults all just sat around the camp fires and just relaxed. I indulged with some wine and smores and it was Delish!


Thelma said...

Man looks like you guys had a blast! Where's Toni?

Retro Mom said...

She didn't go.