Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Typical California Drive to work

The thing I will miss the most when I move is probably my commute to work.

Right now since I live so close to the ocean I been taking PCH to work everyday. Now that we are moving to Lakewood it is going to be Goodbye coastal drive hello 405 gridlock!

This is what My trip to work is like....

Off to Work..Hot coffee , music ,floor heater on and windows down.
Leaving the neighborhood
Hard to take photos and drive but this is one of my favorite homes in the neighborhood.
Over the bridge by the Marina Nearing PCH

So many Palm Trees and Pelicans and Seagulls
On to Another bridge passing the naval ship in Seal Beach
It always smells like the ocean big time right here
Seal Beach Houses. Jesse James lives here somewhere.
Old Water Tower...Now available for Parties and other private events!
This is sunset beach. See a lot of old Wooden seaside Bars, restaurants,marina,surf shops and other curiosity shops.
Nice Open Highway driving through Bolsa Chica. I got my nice ocean breeze blowing through my hair..I love this kinda over cast mist that wakes me up each morning as well.
I see this van EVERY morning. Also heading to catch some waves.
The water was pretty mellow this morning
Sometimes when your stopped at the red you can see a group of Dolphins jumping in and out of the water. It is reallly cool to see that!
It is also really cool when it is storming outside and see the waves and the wind it is a site..however it floods a lot so sometimes I got to go another route..which sucks
This is the Dog Beach area of Huntington Beach. I always see a bunch of people out there in the morning with their dogs and always a ton of surfers
Quick Glimpse of the Huntington Beach statue.
I work in Costa Mesa so this is the hill I have to climb to get to the Mesa.
They just did a lot of landscaping last summer
Made it to work....I am really going to miss this drive.

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Thelma said...

That is a nice drive!