Friday, June 11, 2010

Playful Thursday Night

It was a pretty casual Thursday night. I posted my kittens up on Craigslist for adoption and two got adopted last night!!
I know I should have packed some more but all weekend will be a packing marathon so I took the night off from packing.
Ava watched a couple of Yo Gabba Gabba episodes and every time it comes on she runs and gets her Gabba dolls and makes them dance
Now she is making them hold hands
I was busting up laughing and so she took them to the other room.
Gabe ended up getting the night off so we thought we would relax with some wine..he was in the kitchen cooking something up with Parker I could hear...this is what they were making..YUM!!
The chocolate covered strawberries with the Shiraz went wonderful together.
That got Parker in the mood to make another tasty treat...Ice Pops!
After making all our treats we all sat together and watched the live Web cast of the World Premier of the World of Color at Disney's Cal Adventure. What a amazing show..I bet it is a spectacular site to see live. Can't wait to see t in person!


Thelma said...

Ava's so funny! Yeah that world of color Disney thing looks beautiful!

John and Kirsten said...

She cracks me up!!