Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family Vacation- Night 1

This past memorial day weekend we went on our 2nd annual family camping trip. Last year we went to the lake this year we went to the beach!..I think next year it will be the mountains!

We arrived Friday afternoon right around sunset. Just enough light for us to set up our tents and cook some dinner and chat with the rest of the group that was coming camping. We had a group of 19 this trip! 13 adults and 6 kids. Our camp site looked like tent city! It was a beautiful full moon out.
Gabe and the kids and I along with my brother and his gf, Scott and Ally decided to take a night hike down the nearest trail to the beach. The trail was steep here and there and rocky and really was not the easiest to hike at night. We came across a look out point over looking the ocean.
We stood and sat and listened to the ocean that was sounding closer as we continued to hike the trail
There was lots of brush and plants around and we heard a lot of stirring in the distance..we just hoped there was no coyotes!
I didn't have a flashlight so I moved a little more slowly down the trail. Ally was so kind to lighten up the path for me.
We finally made it down to the sand! Off everyone went to check out the waves. It was a pretty hide tide that night which I figured since there was a full moon and all.
The moon was so bright it really lighten up the beach. Parker had a glow stick to play with in the darkness.
Gabe took this picture of the group of us.

I brought my HOBO camping hush puppies boots which made the hiking a little easier. My brother, Scott and Jessica with Parker went off to hunt down some more drift wood.
This is how close the ocean was from where we were sitting. ((CLICK ON PICTURE FOR BETTER VIEW))
The kids were getting a little tired so I think it was about time to head back up.
These guys hit the JACKPOT on finding a bag to use to collect all the drift wood they found. Luckily Ava wanted to be carried back up the trail rather then in her jogger so I told these guys they could carry their driftwood back on the jogger which with these drunken fools was pretty damn funny. It was like a stooges episode.
Once we got back up the bluffs and back to camp we all sat around the fire and played some games with everyone else at the campsite. That driftwood smelled so good in the air!
It was soon time for bed cause we had a busy day of relaxation to continue early in the morning.

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Thelma said...

How fun! man that's a lot of people!