Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Buddy

Just about every morning Gabe gets a daily morning visit from a neighborhood squirrel. Usually we get woken up by little barking in the trees. ( put a video of it on the bottom). My cats just love taunting the squirrel. I think they know better now then to hunt it.

As you can see this squirrel is really threaten by my cat
This one is a female. Gabe makes noises and when he comes out she knows to come down to the fence cause he feeds her peanuts almost everyday.
We have tried other things too such as raisins and dried fruits..she is much more into peanuts though.
so cute..Ava likes to come out and call her TIGER.
I was freaking out a little trying to hand feed her cause when you stick the peanut out her little claws grip your hand.
Gabe said the place has been packed with squirrels lately. I think this one had babies cause her squirrel nipples look like she has been feeding babies....Gabe is going to miss his little buddy.


Thelma said...

those are good shots.
I wonder if Lakewood has squirrels? I'm sure they do.

Jess said...

That is priceless! I wonder if she will follow you guys when you move. lol

John and Kirsten said...

No squirrels around here, maybe a opposum or two!!