Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family vacation- Last Day

Monday morning I think I was at the point when I finally wanted to go home and lie down in my BED. I woke up so sore (probably from the two big rocks underneath me).

I just took a few random photos of Monday morning
Gabe was breaking down the tents ( we brought for Gabe and Ava and myself and Parker had his own tent he slept in). This was Ava's private spot where she sat to do her business if you know what I mean
Looks like she is done
Everyone Cleaning up and packing up. I was watching the little kids feed the squirrel. Little Johnny was calling the squirrel KIKI and him and Ava were both looking for him under the bush he hid under.
I just had to take a picture of this cause Scott actually though it was a ..well you can imagine. He was amazed saying it was the perfect LOG. We all were busting up at him telling him...ummm it's a hotdog!
Someone said hey let's get a picture of the two brothers's funny when we told them they both unplanned had the same pose!
Throwing my brother in the mix
Now all the guys!!
I borrowed my company truck for the camping trip and got the kids all situated with a movie and a treat for the ride home. As you can see Ava went wild.
BYE BYE SAN ONOFRE....We had a Great time!

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John and Kirsten said...

It really was a nice trip. It was nice for me to have one last outing with my family members. I'm gonna miss times like these. John.