Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Family Vacation- Day 3 Sunday

Saturday night I slept so much better and woke up feeling pretty good except for that constant stinging feeling on my back.
I got up and started cooking Pancakes and eggs for breakfast. While I was getting breakfast ready the kids all played.
Kirsten and Melissa were holding a jump rope and the kids were playing limbo with it
Ava was making the limbo a little challenging for the rest
Gabe likes his eggs sunny side up so he went to make the eggs his way. We had forgot a spatula so we were flipping the pancakes and eggs with a big flat butter worked though but of course not as good as a spatula would have.
after breakfast was cleaned up we sat around for a bit and did a little clean up. Melissa and her hubby and son left Sunday morning and Ally left Saturday night so our group got a little smaller.
The afternoon before Gabe and Parker came across this look out point on a very narrow path at the end of a mountain. It was such a beautiful site. I went Sunday morning to see it and try and get a picture but it was so foggy it did not come out and frankly I was SCARED to Death. It seriously just drops off. I am so afraid of heights and started having a panic attack. ((CLICK ON THESE PICTURES TO SEE A BETTER VIEW AMAZING))
What freaked me out more was my brother and Scott we right on the edge and my brother was putting his arms out danging at the very end of the cliff and I had to turn around and leave. I could not even get close to the edge without feeling light headed.
This was as close as I would go. I had Parker with me which made it even more nerve racking so I was off back to camp!
We all got ready to go out back to the beach but first not without putting more tanning oil on my already burnt back.
While we waited for everyone to get ready for the beach we met a fun little squirrel who came by to visit. The kids and I were feeding him some peanuts.
He was so funny filling his cheeks up with everything that we threw at him. Other squirrels tried to come and take in some food as well but he chased them all away.
Ava in her own world looking at the leaves like they are the most fascinating things she has ever seen
So curious!
We all hiked back down to the beach and stayed for quite awhile. I didn't take my camera with me cause I took so many beach pictures the night before and was quite relaxed just hanging out talking with everyone. When we got back to camp and showered we all sat down for a game of Taboo. Guys against girls again. Of course Us gals won! It was a really fun game. Shortly after we were done playing the board game Ann and Chad and little Chance left for home so all that was left was us Henry's including my dad, McCaffrey's, Jessica and Scott. We decided for dinner since it was our last night to cook up all the meat we had so the Meat fest was ON!
After dinner we all sat around the fire. Parker was wanting to throw everything in the fire.
We all roasted marshmallows and talked
Gabe found this dried out broken piece of bush and so that was another item to throw in the fire.
Breaking it in pieces
Burn baby Burn
the fire was nice and warm and soon we were all feeling tired and full so it was off to bed for a busy day of packing up ahead of us. Sunday was probably what Gabe and I felt like the best most relaxing day of the trip. t is amazing how fast the weekend had went by.


Thelma said...

It did go by too fast for me. But it was totally fun!

John and Kirsten said...

Thanks for such a great week-end! I almost just want to send a link to your blog for my blog - it seems like so many of the pictures are the same!